18 March 2010

Note Of Thanks To Twenty-Somethings:

Overall health care costs will be coming down.
This is due largely to young people being forced to buy insurance they don't need (and don't want).
Isn't this kinda the way Social Security works... younger people carrying the load for older folk?
And how has that worked out... hmmm?
You young folks are wonderful. Thank you!


Flightfire said...

You're welcome :)

cj said...

Costs will come down?? Where did you see that? The CBO says they will increase substantial.


Greybeard said...

You're not suggesting my President(?) is a liar are you CJ?

cj said...

Okay, so I missed the sarcasm sign. I've had an off week.


the golden horse said...

I wished I lived close enough to DC to go to the rally on Sat.
I am sending faxes and emails though.
Hard to accomplish anything in this stupid far left state.