08 March 2010

Malty-Poo... MaltiPoo... Whatever.

Life's weird.
Good, but weird.
At first I didn't even see him, he was so small. When she came in the door I could tell she had something in her arms but it didn't register that what she was holding was alive until she set him on the floor. He saw me and came running. When I picked him up he was all wiggles and squirm, stubby tail goin' 110 miles an hour, licking my chin and neck with that every-now-and-then nip the way puppies sometimes do.

"Who's this?", I asked, smiling.
"Lucy's little brother... Maybe."
"Maybe? Whattya mean?"
"I wanted to make sure it was okay with you."

I was gonna wait and post this after I had gotten an actual photo of him but there's no need for that. The picture above is an internet grab, but it may as well be HIM!
Four months old. Five pounds.
They named him "Yogi", but Sara Jean doesn't like that, so we're considering changing it. (I kinda like it, and he perks up when I call him, so I'm gonna lobby to keep it.)

A friend's daughter bought him from a pet store when she was feeling down. She brought him home and her husband literally threw a fit... he felt they didn't have the time to raise a puppy. The shouting apparently got worse when Yogi got diarrhea.
The diarrhea got worse as the shouting got louder.

The friend's daughter brought Yogi home to Mom... "Can you take him?"
Mom raises miniature Dachshunds. We've bought two puppies from her... you may remember Frankie, and Desi.
She has 8 miniature Dachshunds in her home and decided she didn't need to add a MaltiPoo to the mix. She thought of us and called Sara Jean...
"He's a cutie, but there's this diarrhea problem. Are you interested in him?"
Sara Jean said, "I'll have to ask Greybeard", but she already knew the answer.

We've had him two days now. With less stress in his life, a mile "walkees" yesterday and a mile-and-a-half today, with proper food going into his belly, the "problem" is going away.
I'm amazed with his temperament... on my lap he almost immediately goes to sleep. (I expected him to be nervous and a handful.) Lucy is in a bit of a snit...
Don't ask me how she knew, but she realized immediately that Yogi wasn't just a visitor... that this little ear-pulling bundle of energy was gonna be a permanent addition to our household.
But she already is showing some interest in him... She'll come around eventually.

Our biggest problem now?
We have friends who LOVE having Lucy come over for a week or so when we travel to visit Big Bubba...
She is no trouble at all, a joy to have around. But two dogs? That's expecting a lot, isn't it? (And at this point we obviously have no idea what sort of personality he's gonna have as he matures.)

He's a little dog, but he's gonna bring big changes in our life.

Maybe we'll be doing a lot more traveling by car.


cj said...

Awwwwww... what a cutie!

Congrats. He's sure to bring laughter into your lives.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

Cute puppy!

The Old Man said...

Do what the Boss and I do with our two dogs - we "rent-a-human". Friend of ours stays at the house and she cares for the dogs in situ. She gets a few bucks and the dogs have another of their favorite people to hang with for a while. e're doing that next weekend, so the L&T and her mother can tame their slot machine "jones".

TW = "exesse"

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Dogs do that.

Since having my wife, I realize this now.

I was a Cat Person before.

I now consider dogs. Matter of fact, as I write this, my newest animal pack member, a miniscule dog known as Teddy, sleeps in the footwell of my $14,000 antique rolltop desk. He couldn't care less. He's with me. That's the bond that matters. It took me decades to realize this.


Greybeard said...

Well, he's sure got my heart already folks.

I like cats too BZ, but on some talks show last week, someone brought up a good point...
If your cat was the size of a German Shepherd, do you think it wouldn't try to do you damage?
We tolerate their behavior because they can only hurt us in a minor way.
Some will die protecting you.

cj said...

GB -

Good point. I sure wouldn't trust my one cat were she any bigger... the other is so goofy that I don't think size would truly matter. But then again...


Cissy Apple said...

Rudy said to tell you that they are welcome to stay here any time. Oh, and bring their people. Accomodations are not plush, but comfortable. And if I do say so myself, I'm one heck of a cook. I make one "mell of a hess" when I cook, but it's all good.