26 March 2010

Dateline- Orange County CA, 26 March

We're safely here. We had a stopover in Denver. Got off one airplane and directly on the one that brought us here. It's clear and 57 degrees in Orange County... feels cool but nice.

I met a delightful gentleman on the leg from Denver to SNA. Now hailing from Corona, CA, he's an architect and has family back in Indiana. He was tentative about feeling us out politically, but we found him to be pretty much in complete agreement with us about what is going on in the world. It's good to know there are others in addition to CameraPilot that are not Looney Tunes out here!

It's late here... creepy late for our body clocks. More tomorrow.

Be well... ALL.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Oh, there are some of us who feel like you do out here. They just keep us pretty well locked up. Some of us at Patton State Hospital, Some at Atascadero.

All kidding aside, Orange County traditionally has been a conservative outpost in comparison to LA County. Even that is changing however as the demographics in Northern O.C. is shifting.

Although Corona is in Riverside County, many of it's residents have emigrated from O.C. and feel that they are really an annex of Orange County.

Regardless, the numbers are no match for the liberal hordes in L.A. County who are slowly spreading North, East and South.

Have a great trip. Go down to Huntington Beach and get a cup of clam chowder at the Crab Cooker. You won't be disappointed.

camerapilot said...

Welcome to SoCal GB and family.
If you have time, have breakfast at The Cottage restaurant in Laguna Beach on Pacific Coast Highway. It's kitty-corner from the Laguna Art Museum. If you do go there, walk across the highway toward the ocean to the gazebo at the cliff edge and maybe partake a walk on the sand heading S.
Anytime you wish to leave the beach, walk up one of the many staircases that will lead you back to PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).
Have a great time.
If you need to park, head to the land side of PCH and park in the residential areas. They are free and you'll get a taste of the local beach architecture that we all grew up around and in as you walk your way around.
Welcome to Laguna.

camerapilot said...

Capt. Schmoe,
Maybe there is a Clam Cooker in Huntington now, but the original is still at 2200 Newport Blvd. down in Newport.
Crabcooker.com (949)623-0100)

Capt. Schmoe said...

Camera Pilot -
Yeah, my bad. They don't let us dirt people down into the OC very often. To us, the beach is the beach. Well, except for Dockweiler that is.

Regardless, The Crab Cooker is always worth a visit.

camerapilot said...

The beach is lands end and that is for everyone Capt. S.