12 March 2010

The DD214

Ole Prairie Dog sent me this link, and I thought since it might be useful to several reader-Veterans I'll share it here. I have several copies of my DD214 so I don't need it and haven't tried it to see how difficult the procedure is, so you're on your own. If you use it, please come back and comment on your experience.

Now, tell me this...
How can I use it to have a look at the document Senator John Kerry promised to make public a hundred years ago?
Integrity? Transparency?


Rita said...

Check the link.

The Old Man said...

I don' theenk that leenk leads to where you theenk it does. Took me to create-a-post.

Greybeard said...

I claim overwork, stress, and fatigue.
Thanks y'all.


Ok, GB, you're grounded until further notice. Get some rest!