19 March 2010

The Perils of Yogi

Housebreaking progress continues. It's now been over a week since we've experienced house poopage. We're still stepping barefoot on damp spots now and then, but I think we'll have even that under control in short order. We're now taking Yogi outside as often as possible... every 3 hours or so, and praising him when he performs correctly.

Our lot is 2-1/2 acres. The house is situated more on the roadside of the property so our back yard is large, and it abuts a five acre pond and 80 acres of timber. That's a lot of space for a 5-pound pup to run and get the inner machinery moving. Sara Jean took Yogi back there for his last constitutional prior to bedding down for the night. There was a sliver moon and the night was clear and reasonably warm. Yogi was zipping here, then there, stopping to smell whatever it is dogs are so fascinated with when you want them to finish their business and get back in the house. He was about 50 feet away when she began to be concerned he was getting too far away from her. From the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of movement and turned to focus on it. It was moving pretty quickly, making a bee-line toward Yogi...
Sara Jean did EXACTLY the right thing and I'm proud of her, because as a Chicago-raised gal it was counter-intuitive...
She shouted YOGI ! and started running for the pup. This was enough to startle the Coyote and stop him/her in its tracks. Then when the Coyote saw SJ intended to defend Yogi it turned-tail and ran back into the brush. Sara Jean was so frightened she called me and breathlessly related the tale.

Hearing them yipping and calling to one another back there I know there are probably 20 or so Coyotes in the woods behind our house, and I suspect this time of year many of them are Mothers trying to eat enough to keep up their strength while they suckle their newly-born litter.
Yogi could easily have been dinner.

Needless to say, from now on he'll be on the leash when we take him to the back yard at night.


Rita said...

Someone I work with had a small dog who had gotten sick in their house, they put him outside as they cleaned up the mess and you can guess the rest of the not-so-nice story.

They don't live out in the country, but there are more and more reports of people losing their beloved small pets when they let them outside unintended.

I'm impressed with SJ's quick reaction. Would have been a sad story to relate has she not been so brave.

Greybeard said...

Red-tail Hawks during daylight hours.
Great-Horned Owls at night.
Our home is just not a safe place for a less-than-football sized dog to be left alone, Rita.

the golden horse said...

Wow close call. When we lived in Ca. in a huge neighborhood, the coyotes would come right up to the houses and grab pets. Then you could hear them doing their celebrating yodels. It was sickening. They got the beautiful long haired white cat from right next door.
So glad Yogi and momma are fine.

The Old Man said...

Get Yogi an M-1 carbine.