16 March 2010

Choose Carefully, Mr. Congressman

Today I did something I've never done before-
Sara Jean needed her hair highlighted. She has that done in a town 40 minutes away. I dropped her at the Salon, then realized I had a chance to affect all our lives...
I drove to the regional office of my U.S. Congressman in this town and asked his intermediary there to relay a message for me about health care reform.
To say the least, it was an interesting experience.

His regional office is in a Federal Building, co-located with other Federal functions like the Social Security Administration. Since Oklahoma City, security at these places is, as you might imagine, tight. I had to ring a buzzer and stand before a security camera before anyone would come find out what business I had with the Congressman. A lady came to the door and opened it but stood in such a way that I couldn't walk in. She said, "I'm talking with another constituent and I'll be back in a moment. Can you tell me what you need?"
"I want the Congressman to know how I feel about his vote on the health care reform bill."
"I'll be back in just a moment." And the door closed behind her.

She returned five minutes later with a pre-printed form. She asked for and filled in my name and address. She then said "Pro, or Con?"

"I have voted for this man every two years since 1988. I'm tired of this country rewarding failure. We are on a runaway train, and economic disaster is just around the corner. Tell him if he votes for this bill, he's gonna get hurt."
She quickly checked a block on the form, said "Thank You", and once again disappeared behind the door.

My Congressman is listed as "undecided". I think he'll eventually vote "no". I have met him personally and hope I haven't misjudged him.
The next two weeks will tell the tale.


Rita said...

Tell me you REALLY didn't say that, did you? You are soooo going on the list. I don't think they let you blog in federal prison, but since I don't know anyone there, I could be wrong.

the golden horse said...

Good for you. Job well done.
This whole deal makes me ill. And to know it has nothing whatsoever to do with getting the people health care.
This is America. This is about taking over and destroying this country as we now know it.
No one has given me a honest reason why people that have insurance and are happy with theirs and don't minding paying their share, has to go on this program.
Now they want me to pay out the wazoo for several years, before it even goes into effect. What do we do in the meantime? Yeah, that's what I thought.
This program goes through, we will lose up to 25% of our physicans and still have to cover an additional 30-40 million.
What is really irksome, there are truly only about 10 million that need to be on this program.
The rest are illegals, people who have just opted out and those that just didn't fill their paperwork out correctly.
So the majority has to cave in to the minority, I don't think so.
And they are selling this as it's all the insurance companies fault.
Nope, not buying that one either.
They operate at a 3.4% profit. Not too greedy. They rank 88th in industry.
Where are the Big Pharmas and the attorneys, that reap so much with their out of control law suits and the unions, oh yeah, mum, right now, letting someone else fight their battles. After all this is just payback for their support.
Now they want the insurance companies to pay for pre-existing conditions??? What, that is like telling your car insurance company, they now have to pay for a pre exsisting dent before you took out car insurance. Or your homeowners paying for your house that burned down before you bought insurance.
Disease is hell, but why does the hardworking middle class have to pay for this? We are tapped.
Simple solutions for the budget.
Take the 10 million deserving souls and cover them with the fraud from medicare.
Stop paying out of control retirement funds of the unions for 3 years and use that money to balance the budget.
If you haven't paid into the system, you don't draw from tha system.
No annesty for the illegals.
No retirement for Gov't workers until serving 20 years. Period.
Same medical for them as for all.
No more perks.
If you are serving the people and you break the law, jail. Simple.
Until they balance the budget, not another cent is to be spent.
Give me 3 months in DC. I bet I can do a better job than these yahoos.

cj said...

Good for you, GB!

I'm in a strange place on this one; my congressman is Bart Stupak and we are actually on the same side as this.

I've written him expressing my thanks for his stance and encouraging him to remain strong.

First time I've ever agreed with him.