21 March 2010

Repeal It !

Go here now and express your dissatisfaction.
And fair warning:
Someone somewhere may go off the deep end. When they do, constituent anger, like the guy flying the airplane into the IRS building, could get out of control quickly. If/When it does, you'll need to be prepared, and be prepared to take sides.

So be prepared.


the golden horse said...

I signed up, I toss the first challenge out.
Come on America, let's show them what we are truly made of.

Timothy Frazier said...

I did, too. You might want to check out The Patriotic Resistance as well at resistnet.com.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I would submit that "deep-ending" is warranted.

Gird thy loins, Amerika.

I suspect that, eventually, blood will be spilled.