17 March 2010

Toyota Feeding Frenzy

So you did something stupid and wrecked your Toyota.
But really... think!
The gas pedal stuck wide-open, then the brakes failed, didn't they?
Yeah! That's the ticket!
Call your attorney.


cj said...

Once again greed and stupidity run rampant.


camerapilot said...

When was it GB, 1986? The Audi 5000 woke up one morning and started running over people. Drivers said they put their foot on the break and boom, they pinned their kids to the garage wall........
Engineering glitch? Pilot error? Mass hysteria? Ahhh, yeah.

wksaz said...

I owned Audi's for years at a much discounted rate due to the depreciation caused by the ruckus.. It was great!!!

It has taken 20 years for the marque to regain its shine. I think GM and the other domestic automakers needed to "Tanya Harding" them. They were doing too well..


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

One commonality in the Toyota "uncommanded throttle" complaints that few have noted:

The bulk of these people are 60+ years of age.