10 February 2009

Sully, And His Airbus-

I just received an email from a fellow pilot (Thanks Ted), about the "Hudson Glider", that brought a few questions to mind.

By now we've all had a chance to review the videos and hear the radio transmissions...
We all agree that the crew of flight 1549 did a great job...
no dispute there.
But what about the aircraft? Did it do its job, or was it part of the problem?

Pilots are opinionated.
Pilots are not afraid to share their opinions with others, particularly with other pilots. You've seen comments from "Big Iron" pilots here, comparing similar products from Airbus Industries and Boeing. I've flown as a passenger in both, and so long as the machinery is working as it's supposed to, flying in either aircraft is a satisfactory experience.
But the guys that fly them, particularly those with experience in both types?
In my experience, most prefer the Boeing.
I'm WAY out of my area of expertise here.
TWD, maybe you can forward this post to Rudy or Vic and see if they'll drop by and express an opinion?

First, go read this discussion.
Now my questions-
Aren't the new Boeings also "Fly-By-Wire"? Is there any mechanical connection between the cockpit throttle controls and the fuel controls?
Same question for the flight controls, although I think I already know the answer.
And if, as I believe to be the case, there is NO mechanical connection between the cockpit and the actual "do the work" parts of the airplane, how is the new Boeing equipment significantly different from the Airbus?
Is the attitude of the computer engineers different? Does Boeing grant more authority to the guy manipulating the controls?
Please, someone who knows... help us understand!


Ward Bush said...

This blog by a Canadian Airbus pilot has a couple comments:



Copy that, GB. Sending to Rudy and Tom (retired Boeing Exec)

Anonymous said...

Seems strange that US Airways flies an aircraft made outside the US!!!!
John K