17 February 2009

Eyes Wide Open

After work yesterday morning I stopped off at the gun store where I took delivery of my new toy to buy ammo for it.
My gunsmith doesn't have any...
As a matter of fact, he has no ammunition for any "varmint rifle".
...Hasn't had any for days, because as soon as new ammo comes in it is sold. He has a waiting list for it.

I added my name to his list.

Froggy, the temperature of the water may be closer to a boil than I imagined.


The Duke said...

That is a cool looking rifle; the folding stock should help with any close-quarters squirrel hunting.

I always like weird economic indicators. WalMart claims that when a hurricane is about to hit an area, sales of Pop Tarts increases. So I naturally think Pop Tarts create low pressure centers.

What do you think the increase in ammo sales at your gun store is an indicator of? A response to recession (the old adage that whiskey and gun sales increase during hard economies)? Fear of tighter gun laws? Something else entirely?

Greybeard said...

Thanks Duke.
I select answer "D", All of the above.

And my carbine is accurate out to about a football field away. I don't want squirrels getting any closer than that.