19 February 2009

Buggin' Out

Six days on, three off.
Six days on, three off.
Since before Thanksgiving, three pilots at my base have been doing the work of four. We all like the overtime... big checks just before Christmas were obviously welcome. And for a while it was no big deal...
With four pilots our 7-on, 7-off schedule meant we were working 42 hours per week- 1/4 of our lives at work. Now with three of us giving 1/3 of our lives to the company, that means 57 hours per week and the difference in mental wear and tear is noticeable. I need a break. All three of us do.

In the morning we'll be on our way to visit Big Bubba in Arizona. I scheduled this trip two months ago, sure in my mind that our company would have hired a pilot and that I wouldn't be leaving my base in a bind. I was wrong. In my absence, two pilots will be doing the work of four. That means the two I leave behind will work 84 hours this week, and since they're already feeling the pain of working all this overtime for three months, they'll be mighty tired when I return.
But then they'll take vacation and it will be my turn in the barrel.
Oh well...
I'm not gonna think about that right now.

Here at home we have made arrangements for Lucy to go stay with friends. They love and spoil her, and when we drive onto their property it's obvious she is happy to be there. That's a comfort to us. We've stopped our mail for a week. The neighbors know to keep an eye on our home. Our weathergal is predicting 19 degrees tonight, so we'll bundle up for our trip to the airport. Arriving Phoenix at Noon, the forecast is for sunshine, light winds, and 80 degrees with a chance of ice cold beer and a lapload of miniature dachshund on the patio.

I'm looking forward to taking walks down the street past rock gardens and Saguaros.
I'll have my new netbook with me and will be in touch.
Wish us safe travels.


cary said...

Very safe travels, indeed.

Good timing, too - the airport should be back to normal since TEH ONE left yesterday sometime (time not disclosed due to security concerns - he coulda been mobbed by his adoring fans!)

OlePrairiedog said...

Mostly, just unlax and enjoy, have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Have a good trip.
If you make the CANYON, I'll be
visualizing the view!
I get goose bumps every time I'm on the rim. One of my favorite places. Spectacular!!
John K

Rita said...

GB: Have you stopped to consider the impact of you jetting off to Phoenix and how it might negatively impact your loyal readers?

Being a recently addicted viewer of your blog, I think it's quite selfish of you to leave the state at this time and possible be less prompt with new posts.

I guess if you get wrapped up in your family and miss a day, I'll just have to move on to the Daily KOS or something. Who knows, I might change everything I believe in once I start reading those "other" blogs on a regular basis.

All I gotta say Buddy, is that my blood will be on your hands if in your absence my entire reasoning is displaced and I end up voting for Obama four years from now.

Greybeard said...

Hey Cary-
Are you a breakfast eater?

Thanks OPD. Wish you weren't so far from Phoenix! Do you remember singing "Brassiere" to me some 41 years or so ago?
I need a refresher!

As I told ya John, we're re-thinking the idea of a jaunt to the canyon.
My core needs warming, and if we go up there we'll be chilled, walking around in two feet of snow. Maybe May?... and would you be interested in coming along?

And Rita, I appreciate the humor. It's just what the Doc ordered right now. Believe it or not, I'm known for posting more frequently while on vacation...
Check my postings from Hawaii at VK and you'll see that's true.
I think the likelihood of you succumbing to socialist thought is about as likely as my getting Cissy to drink several gin Tom Collins' at The Log Inn next month!

I'll have access to Big Bubba's computer, and as indicated, I'll also have my new netbook with me.
Your pusher will try to fill your needs!

We're packed, ready, and excited.
Mesa, here we come!

Rita said...

Have a great time. If,by chance we get another free room at French Lick that weekend of the VK reunion, maybe we could stop by and enjoy this newly found neighborhood group.

The smell of the possibility of winning some casino money is overpowering to my husband. without that incentive, doubt will make it down.

Have a good time VK's.

cj said...

Man, I envy you! Winter storm warning for the last two days but today is, at least, sunny with a windchill of 1F!

Think about me, stuck up here in the frozen north while you're enjoying a cold one!


cary said...


Only if it's served warm.

Name the day and time, at the least a certain little girl and I will sit down with ya'll.