21 February 2009

American Tea Party

So how do you feel about being $30,000 deeper in debt than you were before teh one stimulated you? How do the others in your family feel about it? That baby that amazes you by needing so often to be changed- ask how it feels about starting off life this way and see if you immediately get a heavier diaper.

Our forefathers had this same problem. They felt their tax money was not being used efficiently. They expressed their displeasure by breaking the law...
If you know history, you know about the "Boston Tea Party".

Unhappy citizens in several cities across the U.S. are planning their own "Tea Party" to protest the fiscal lunacy we're experiencing...

""I couldn't believe something this gigantic was getting slammed through Congress," Carender said of the stimulus. "I figured I could sit around and be depressed, or start a protest."

Protests are in the works for several cities... Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas, to name a few. If you, like me, are frightened by what you see your government doing to our country, it's time to get off your duff and express your fears.

That's the way our forefathers did it.

Just saw this over at Instapundit.


Sarah said...

Hey, go for it. Democracy in action and all that.

Those of use happy government is finally doing something about the crashing economy ( other than the deer-in-the-headlights we got from W ) should probably do counter protests.

I'm curious, what would you suggest gummint do? Cut taxes? That's worked real well for the last 8 years.

The Old Man said...

Gotcher six, amigo. Last time I checked one of the jobs of the crunchies was to form a base of fire. Or else y'all got no place to land.

Greybeard said...

"Those of use (sic) happy government (sic)"...
Diversion, Sarah? I'm having trouble understanding your point.

Those of us unhappy with the last 8 years, particularly the last two when democrats were in charge of the purse strings, would like government NOT to ruin the economy even more.

Obama promised to cut taxes for 95% of Americans, right?
Is that why YOU voted for him?

Sarah said...

Geeze Greybeard, a 1 character typo and I get two "sics" and a heaping helping of condescension? I will watch what I say on your blog comments extremely carefully in the future, or not comment at all.

Let me restate it for you.

Those of us happy government is finally doing something about the crashing economy ( other than the deer-in-the-headlights we got from W ) should probably do counter protests.


Is that why YOU voted for him?
Nope. Fail.

Greybeard said...

Sorry Sarah, as written your meaning was difficult to understand.
You bet. Come here and talk smack and that's what you'll get.

You and all your generation will bear the burden of this government's decision for as long as you live.
Then your offspring will carry it.
Those of us about to retire salute you!

the golden horse said...

GB... Is it just me or am I dreaming that Presdient Bush's first 6 1/2 years we were all living the good life pretty much. Of course we were getting into debt.....it is called war. But there were people working and our unemployment was rock bottom.
His last two years, our money was in the hands of the Democrats and they were screaming change and that is exactly what I have in my pockets now.
Thank you Democrats, I feel so much better now with all this change.

texasnana said...

Golden Horse - Thank you! When my group of 20 somethings blame GW for our current situation I point out the Dems have had the majority for two years. The usual response is "well, he started the war". My recollection is that the terrorists took the first shot. While there were times our former President infruiated me, I honestly believe he did what he thought was best for the country.

To be fair I am a GWB fan - he was one of Texas' best govorners. Had the rest of the country learned to know him as we do in Texas they would have given him a bit more slack. There were times it was frustrating to watch him be so unlike the man we all came to love. Although I wonder if that was due to the media portrayal and not the actual truth. I digress.

Sarah - please do take this as a slam. I understand Greybeard's being persnickety about the content of posts. We are in the same age bracket and it is difficult to take the writer seriously when comments contain misspellings and grammatical errors. Taking a few seconds to proof your comments will go a long way (sorry, the mom always comes out)

texasnana said...

Sarah - shame on me. That last paragraph was to read please do NOT take this as a slam. Please forgive MY neglect to proof before sending.

Rita said...

Pitch: You have to watch this.


It's hilarious.

Greybeard said...

Rita, I wonder if Apple cringes when several self-absorbed idiots like this are found to use their product?

Rita said...

Ah GB: Don't fool yourself. Apple makes a ton of "corporatey" money off of these kids. They WANT their parents' money. This "free advertisement" wouldn't sell to you and me, but I'm sure it'll sell to alot of kids.

AWM . . . . WHTBG said...

The Tea Parties are great!

For those who cannot participate in one due to distance, etc., we have a group on facebook which allows for the EASIEST protest in history! all you have to do is record our common status on tax day, April 15.

Check us out on facebook . . . The Great American Conservative Protest . . . On-Line! Over 1,200 members in just over a week. It's simple . . . and imagine, ever how many people we have, that times the number of friends / relatives who will see it! Join us!