25 February 2009

Greybeard Is A Right Wing Nut Job!

No, really!
I would like to know for sure my President is Constitutionally qualified to assume that position. I have seen enough "smoke" to be frightened there may be a fire underneath.
But apparently I'm in the minority...
You can go here, read the comments, and maybe then you'll decide you no longer want to stop here and read the ranting of a lunatic.


Flightfire said...

Yup, you're a nut job.

I actually see reflections of myself while Bush was president. I guess nothing derails the diehard partisan from his duty to oppose everything his opponent does. Enjoy the next four years, because you've earned it.

Ward Bush said...

Last I heard of this was when Berg's lawsuit was rejected:


Look, I'm just some guy, but _I_ can see that some of the stuff said about Obama's citizenship is garbage: the whole business of "even if he was born in Hawaii, he lost his citizenship when his mom moved to Indonesia."

That's not how it works.

Here's a good summary of the relevant laws:


You need to read the 3 sections starting from where I linked, but if this is important to you, I'm sure you'll spend the time.

jinksto said...

I think you're right (mostly) but I don't think the 2lt has the same right to question his commander as you and I do. That way lies madness.

Here's what I posted over there:

I think there are three questions here:
1) is the guy a citizen: I'd say "no, that remains to be proven". As much as we deny it the fact remains that a large portion of the population still consider it an issue. Personally I see it as a bastardization of the constitution and not a "fringe issue". I don't care that the guy is the president and I don't see this as "a way to get rid of him" I see it as a corruption of the document that this country as built on. I think it's damned impotant.
2) is the guy "duly appointed". Yes. He was sworn in and handed the keys to the castle. Whether his legal right to be there is in question or not, he IS duly appointed.
3) Does a 2LT have the right to question that? No. Not in any way. It's OUR job as American citizens to question that. It's his job to follow our guidance. If we have failed and allowed a non-american to be sworn into office then it's our failure and not his. It's our job to correct the situation and not his. His job is to do what we tell him and that, for the moment, is to follow the orders given to him by King Barrack.

wksaz said...

jinksto is 100% right on here, without the chain of command you have no military.

My problem is that I'm not sure enough Americans know what their responsibility is anymore.

The serving members of the military directly have skin in the game. They "get it" better than your average Joe.

Average Joe also has skin in the game, but doesn't really get it anymore.


Greybeard said...

Obviously, I too am just "some guy", but there certainly are questions enough to pursue this issue to resolution, and some of the pursuers are not just "some guys"... They're lawyers that know the legalities.

His grandmother says he was born in Kenya. Granted, she may also be a nutjob, so produce the birth certificate... prove she's a nut.

We were told Obama would unite us. This stupid issue is unnecessarily divisive. Produce the certificate and let the uniting begin!

Because Obama is CinC, this Lt. has "standing" to sue and make him prove he is what he says he is. Courts so far have refused to hear these cases saying others have not had the right to sue. I don't like that our military now has another problem to deal with, but all this could have been easily avoided, right?

It's this simple-
Many now question his eligibility for the office of President.
Produce the original birth certificate. That he hasn't yet done it and made fools of all us "nutjobs" indicates there is a problem.

The Old Man said...

Hay-soos Christmas, all the Dems have to do was produce 1 honking sheet of paper - it wasn't like His Kerryness being asked to release his military records (he hasn't yet). Then this crap will stop.
His granny may be senile so prove she is. Trust me, this won't look good in the history books if he ain't eligible under the Constitution. Could get as ugly as Chuckie Schumer (or SanFraNan) in a Speedo.....

Greybeard said...

Wow Old Man!
That visual almost made me rouf.

Greybeard said...

You can call him "General Nutjob"!
(We nutjobs come in all shapes, sizes, and ranks.)
Read the comments there. I'm not alone.

Greybeard said...

Produce the damn certificate!
Thanks TWD!

the golden horse said...

I agree with you, just produce the paper. Along with the quote from grandma, she also said his mother was too far along to return to the states safely. Doesn't sound like a crazy woman to me. Knowing his mother and her ways, anything is possible for a cover up.

I have felt for the past two years, there is a hidden agenda with that man. You know the one, that feeling in your gut that something is just not right.
So far, some of things he has done to undercut our miltary and safety says it all.
The building of the DDG-1000 Zumwalt Destroyer, when the funding for two has already been allocated. Now the future for the rest seems shaky at best. Just ignore that the Navy's six shipyards employ 54,000 workers.
then the shaky ground of the future for the Air Force F-22 Raptors is now in question. Ignore the 95,000 American jobs there also. But heck, pay no heed that we could keep people working as well as building our defense.
The shipyards are already laying off, just 179 last month.
I swear, something is just not right.