10 February 2009

Anonymous Comments-

From my post "The List" below-

Anonymous said...
Well, I'll be. It's Grey beard McCarthy. Witch hunts against people who disagree with you. The waaaaaah generation continues to whiiiine.

Isn't that adult?
I'm not trying to deny the freedoms of anyone on my list.
I'm not accusing them of anything I can't prove.
I'm just trying to adjust behavior in the only way I can here... through the pocketbook. This commenter compares me to McCarthy and says I'm a whimpering whiner.
Does this comment bring anything of value to the table?

I don't like anonymous comments.
I'm no computer whiz, but I'm learning as quickly as I can. I have learned there is much information available through the sitemeter...
For instance you can find that someone uses Comcast as their ISP.
You can find the ISP is based in, say, Wilmington, DE., home of our extraordinary new Vice President, Joe Biden.
You can also find the IP address of the computer the individual is using.
So even "anonymous" comments- aren't really.
I publish them sometimes, as was the case here, because they show how sophomoric some folks are.
I publish many of them because they actually add to the discussion.
But the quality of discussion with those on the left has degraded. Their attempt to usurp power and deny other's freedoms, as shown by the Rahm Emmanuel video, is out in the open and getting a little scary.

From now on, "Anonymous" comments will be subject to closer scrutiny. You stand a better chance of having your anonymous comment published if you assign some sort of name to it, so I can begin to mate IP addresses with legitimate commenters.
Stupid, truly anonymous comments will probably end up "gleefully rejected" and in the dust bin.

So there.


ddf said...

We sat with friends having a nice dinner last Saturday evening. Small talk. He had recently seen "Valkyrie" and knowing that I enjoy history wanted my opinion. I had not seen it..."Why?". I can't separate an actor from his lifestyle, whether it be politics, religion or sexual preferences. As you can imagine, I miss a LOT of movies, but just can't plunk down my dollars to support a lifestyle I can't tolerate. Now, I don't publish my list, and I don't delve deeply into the supermarket rags to do any research, but I do use judgment to spend my entertainment dollars wisely. "waah generation", I don't think so.

jinksto said...

You're lucky. On my blog they mostly just email me directly rather than posting comments and creating discussion. The ones that don't deserve a reply... like Mr Waaah... get deleted without a second thought. I'm a bit like you. As long as the comment has valid content I'll keep it even if I very much disagree with the point. If it's just trash then that's where I put it. Your disclaimer on the comment post page is more than fair warning.

Rain said...

On my blog I allow anonymous comments and generally it's been okay. A few take advantage of the anonymity to be really rude but not many.

I don't use my real name in my blog mainly so I don't end up with someone at my door who I didn't invite. Once in awhile I think of using it and then remember some prior bad experiences with chat room people and think nah. If the internet eventually forces everyone to use real names, a lot will be forced to give it up out of self-protection. I do though for those who become friends give my name, phone, address, and meet some for real; but I am not quick to do so.

Interesting topic and one I have thought about before. I just read an article where a Texas judge demanded that the 'troll' identities be revealed in a defamation lawsuit.

I am not very knowledgeable about the internet and how it works. I know some systems give the same ISP every time but some change. You can buy a permanent ISP or so my husband has said but I don't have one. Maybe if you pay for a better site meter, you get more info but my site meter gives the host town of the server, not anything near where I live and I assume that is the case with many others. Some have warned me about using my own photos online because someone could find you anyway and maybe so. Kind of a scary world.

Greybeard said...

I have allowed them up to this point too, Rain. But lately it seems a bunch of adolescents have come by to take up space (and the time of my readers) to say nothing more intelligent than "Nyah, nah, nyah, nah!" I'll have a quandary when some anonymous commenter says something that makes me think or otherwise adds to the discussion. But all I'm asking is for someone to tag their comment so I know when they have returned...
Just add some sort of "handle" to the end of the comment.

I'm still getting profane comments and threats at my post showing the image of Mohammad alongside the "Mohammad Thong", and most of those find their way to the trash. But even there I have published cogent opposing comments, and have enjoyed being shown a different point of view.