27 February 2009


To anyone with any gray matter at all, it's obvious there's a problem here. I'm beginning to think it's a much more serious problem than we might have imagined. The question is, now that this train has started to move, will we get an answer quickly or will things get out of control?
The question truly is, did we elect someone who is unqualified to be President of the United States? If not, it's a simple matter to resolve, right? All President(?) Obama has to do is provide what is called the "Vault Copy" of his birth certificate.

Four or so years ago, Senator John Kerry, (Schmuck, MA.), promised to release his military records to the public for review. That must be one HUGE file, 'cause we're all STILL waiting for his promise to be fulfilled. I think I know why those records were never released, and I think you know too...
If he released them we'd know he not only wasn't qualified to be President, we'd also know he isn't qualified to be the Schmuck Senator from Massachussetts.

Now comes Obama with a similar problem. There are all sorts of fruitcakes like me out here asking to see his REAL birth certificate so I have no questions he is Constitutionally qualified to be President of the United States. Several lawsuits later, he's pulling a John Kerry on us.
Does that not scare you? It scares me.

I don't know all the pertinent points to this case, but I do know this...
All questions could be put to rest if one simple thing would happen:
Show us the "Vault Copy"!

The snowball has begun to roll downhill. Thank God, our military folks are not gonna put up with the crap our civilian courts seem to want to cram down our throats-
General Officers are now joining the movement to actually see documentation showing proper qualifications.

Two folks on my blogroll are at the forefront on this issue:
Stay on top of it with
Andrea Shea King, or ThirdWaveDave.

This show has just begun!


Joker said...

Why is this an issue after the fact? Shouldn’t this have been an issue before he was elected the president? Why bring it up now?

I say… if this was an issue, don’t you think McCain/Palin would have made a BIG, BIG issue out of it before the election?

it's me, the Joker

cj said...

Hey, Joker, if the media had been doing their job instead of being in the tank for The One, this would've been an issue. People have been trying to get this answered since primary days.

Why won't Obama do away with it once and for all by providing the documentation?


Greybeard said...

Why was Obama's promise to bankrupt the coal industry not a huge issue, Joker?
Why was the fact that he voted to allow live-born babies to die after botched abortions not an issue?
The media had a love affair with this Bozo. They didn't want to do anything to increase the chances a republican might beat him.
Now we'll pay the price for their ommission. What a shame, 'cause the country may get torn apart, literally, rectifying their mistake.

Joker said...

And if McCain were elected, we'd have the same old, same old sh--! we've had for the last 8 years, maybe worse. Obama HAS been elected already.!! Who cares where he was born at this point! Does it really matter? I mean really?
The real problem lies in the fact that we only have TWO damn choices to pick from when we elect our US President every 4 yrs. Why can’t we have more choices? Even if it is only 2 parties from which to pick, I say at least let us have TWO choices from each party….or create a whole new party. It IS time for change. Who’s to say Obama won’t make everything better (at least somewhat better) in the long run?

Evidently it was not that big a concern during the primaries or someone would have taken the ball and ran with it. Don't you think?
Someone- somewhere would have made a big enough stink about this to get it noticed.
This is my opinion, that’s what I think and I’m sticking to it.

I have no idea why anything was not an issue! It’s politics for pete sakes! Why do any of the politicians do what they do? Why does the media only print what they want – because they are prejudice, that’s why. You know as well as I do that we only hear what they want us to hear. I’m sure a copy of Obamas birth certificate has been seen by the powers that be.
And regarding your last sentence, GB, isnt't the country already torn apart? We are in a deep recession with all the job losses, foreclosures, etc. It took Bush 8 yrs to put us there. Obama's just took over last month, he's got his work cut out for him. Do you think McCain would have done better?

Greybeard said...

Thanks for your opinion, Joker.
I guess at its heart it boils down to this-
How important is the Constitution to you?
I swore an oath "To protect and defend", and for a year allowed strangers to take pot-shots at me because of that oath.
Obviously to some, that piece of paper means little.

Ward Bush said...

A question: a copy of Obama's birth certificate has been posted on the Internet and is still easily available. Is that supposed to be an out-and-out fake? Or is it just slightly wrong? Why isn't that copy good enough? (sorry, that was two questions)

Greybeard said...

Forgery experts are calling it a fake, Ward.
His grandmother claims he was born in Kenya. His sister claimed he was born in one hospital in Hawaii. Obama claimed he was born in another.
Like Kerry releasing his 201 file, all these problems could be cleared up very easily if Obama would allow public access to the "Vault Copy" of his birth certificate, yet he has not allowed it, (and I'm betting it won't happen without one of the rapidly increasing number of lawsuits finally forcing the issue.)
What's your guess...
What will the actual birth certificate show?
(Have I got those facts about right GH?)

the golden horse said...

I think you are right on GB, why would anyone spend over 800,000 to prevent everyone seeing a piece of paper?
According to the state, like in the site I sent, there is a big difference in the Certification of live birth and a birth certificate or birth certification.
The former of his is missing the official seal. Some even have foot prints on them.
The latter, which we have not seen, is a longer form with more info.
The Certification they are showing us is not a clear proof of legal birth.
And I am not sure, but I don't think there has been a delivering Dr. stated. Where is he?
The State site says it much more clearly than I.

Also, as mentioned earlier in another post, the grandmoter also mentioned the mother was too far into her pregnancy to fly back to the states.

There are a couple of other issues I would like cleared up also.

When he lived in Indonesia it has been stated, you couldn't have dual citizenship. It wasn't allowed back then.

When he went to Pakistan, No US citizen was allowed there then.

Now I am hearing there is some forgery going on with his Selective Service Registry. It was mentioned that Chicago had something to do with it at the time, but I think at that age, he might not have been in Chicago at that time. Just curious.

Can anyone set me on the right path here?

Erin said...

I'm so very glad that you brought this up.
The words, "qualified to be president" in terms of Obabma make me chortle with laughter. Because, when we look at our last Puppet...err, I mean, president, there are so many things that question qualification that it is ridiculous!
First, there is the whole issue that Bush was elected by the Supreme Court. As a pre-law student I am disgusted with this. Elections are not a judicial issue. 5 judges elected George Bush in 2000. It is that simple, that corrupt, and that pitiful. (Anyone who doesn't believe me see Bush v. Gore 531 U.S. 98).
Of course, everyone will attempt to retort with "but he was elected in 2004." True, BUT, there was a huge issue in the swing state of Ohio. Many voters, especially black voters were prevented from voting at many of the polls and many issues caused several ballots to be lost. Ohio was a very close state, and had these votes not been screwed up, Kerry may have won Ohio. Whoops. Now let's talk about some of George Bush's military service...and the fact that his father did so much meddling in his son's life that it isn't even funny.
You want to talk about being qualified to be president, discuss the past debacle that was George W. Bush.

Greybeard said...

Thanks Erin.
I'm glad someone has something to chortle over these days!
Now, let's talk about Obama's military service!

You have much to learn, kiddo.

Steve at the Pub said...

There is no "qualification" as such to be president. There is eligibility, ie, must be US born, etc etc, apart from which the only requirement is attract the majority of electoral college votes.

The lack of consistency in voting rules is mind boggling to me. My country has consistent and clear voting rules. But even a change to a more democratic electoral and voting system would not fix the two main points.

That is, the grey area around Obama's eligibility, (now trumped by the democratic fact that the US population has chosen him) and that every four years it boils down to "300 million people, and the choice is between only these two turkeys?"

Greybeard said...

I guess I feel it's a distinction without much difference, Steve.
(And you can read at the link that in order to be eligible/qualified you must be a natural born citizen, which MAY be the case with Obama, and is what I'd like to ascertain.)
But your "choice between only these two turkeys" comment?
Laugh out loud!
(My candidate was gone LONG before the general election.)