06 September 2010

He Who Hesitates

We went to war because we were frightened Iraq MIGHT have a Nuclear Weapons program.
We KNOW Iran is processing weapons grade nuclear material.
...tick, tick, tick.
Where he Hell is our leadership?


The Old Man said...

On vacation.

WV - offil - why, yes; yes he is.

camerapilot said...

I pray Israel will step in once more and take care of business.
Our leaders are weak.

cary said...

He's out golfin' and spending our hard earned money.

Couple well placed rounds ... of GOLF ... and this country would be much better off.

the golden horse said...

He is too far up some Muslim's rear to see what is happening.
Face it, he just doesn't care.
He has done more things to get impeached than any past President could think of and it is silent....
Are they waiting for Nov. to see if we have enough to succeed? Please tell me that is the story.

Camera, Do you really think we have any leaders?

Cissy Apple said...

Our "leadership" is busy reading the Koran.

camerapilot said...

Yes, I think we have leaders. Just haven't seen one at the moment. Maybe I'll see one on TV telling a story of all the good things they have done. They seem to do that often, if they didn't I might have missed what they have done.

the golden horse said...

CP, When you find one of our leaders, will you send me the memo through GB, he can find me anytime. For the life of me, I must have missed their plan. I have never felt so afraid for my country, than I do now. And for the Admin's followers like a bunch of sheep, it is even more scary.

Never in our lifetime have we needed such a strong leadership and let's get this impeachment underway.
If you read the rules, treason and mismanagement is covered,.well, we certainly have that.

Timothy Frazier said...

It's time, doncha think?
http://4fraziers.com/wp/?p=1617 is about Islam and the sissy Christian male.