12 September 2010

I Needed An Uplifting-

And I found it at Andrea's place:

Judging others not by the color of their skin, but by the quality of their character.
Wouldn't that be nice? It seems to me our present leadership has realized the power in keeping us divided... by political party, race, and class.
I don't watch the daily show because I resent the fact that too many "ignorant" people get ALL the news they view from Jon Stewart, David Letterman, or Steven Colbert, and they'll remain ignorant so long as that's the case.
But I think this clip is illustrative, both in how far we've come, how far we've regressed, and how far we yet have to go.


Robin said...

Well, I posted your link from yesterday on today's blog. I am sure that will put the readers into a frenzy...lol. I am also planning on emailing it to everyone I know. I think the problem is always lack of information. It isn't that people don't know that the Muslims hate us, but they think that it is just terrorists. That is what I thought. And, even then, I didn't know why. I knew that it was something taught from the time they were children. Now it makes sense. When something is woven into religion, it becomes inescapable. Anyway, I am glad I found your blog!

Bumps Stump said...

Greybeard . . Terrific blog today. Excellent YouTube. November's vote may just be the most important since the Civil War. Stressing it's importance ahead of time might prod even a few more Geezers out of their easy chairs. They'll have to stand behind me in the voting line.


Robin said...

I welcome all comments. Particularly informed ones. In fact, what you are seeing by my not knowing what you just said about VietNam is how that particular bit of history was served up to me in the classroom. Does that make sense? There was nothing in our textbooks saying that we had that war won and our politicians MADE A MISTAKE and backed out too soon. Are you following where I am going with this?

Because you lived it, you saw it. The real deal. Not the reinvented stuff that made the politicians look better that we got to read about in the classroom that made the whole thing very confusing.

My comment to you about Misery was to let you know HER history so that you could take her comments in context. In other words, what is Poland serving up as the correct events of history to the 20 somethings? This is interesting stuff. Whatever her answer is is a product of her schooling. I wanted you to know that she was smart and interested and tuned into current events, so whatever she said is what is being broadcast in Poland. It is always curious to see how the news is interpreted around the world. I didn't mean to dissuade you from commenting or asking the tough questions.

So, please feel free to comment and ask any questions that you think are pertinent. I like to think of this as a conversation, not a monologue.

If you checked out my post from today, Cassandra, a 20 something college student is completely unable to process what she watched on that video and said so. My friend Chris responded to her comment. Chris is a straight shooter (very much like you) and totally called her out. I doubt Cassandra will come back to read what Chris said, but I wanted to stand up and clap.

I will warn you, though, most of my blogs aren't political. They are thought-provoking and very real. I don't write much fluff. Well, on Saturdays I write a fun blog, but the rest of the time... I just felt like this was really important for people to see and know and understand. What they choose to do with that information. Well, you can lead the horse to water...

Greybeard said...

Try as hard as we might, we can't write stuff and make our point as well as we can when we hear and see one another. I was serious when I said I didn't want to offend you with my comments at your blog...
It's your property and you damn well have the right to do with it what you want. I won't be offended if you don't want tension there.
I also understood you were trying to clue me in to "Misery's" background. What evaded me was how anyone from Poland, even those too young to have personally experienced it, would not know how Socialism failed so badly there, and how a totalitarian boot on your throat can suffocate.

I've not had the chance to check the archives of your blog to find out the general tenor there. I promise to read more of your stuff next time I'm on duty and have not much to do at 3 A.M.!
But here at Pitchpull we deal with politics pretty regularly, and in fact had a couple ardent Obama supporters stopping by 18 months or so ago, telling us how wonderful he was gonna be, how he was going to fix the mess GWB had put us in, and how his "trickle up" economic policies would solve all our woes.
(As you can imagine, both those mid-20 year old kids have been MIGHTY SCARCE for the past several months.)

We're on the same page, Robin.
We both see BIG trouble coming for this country. We need to educate others so they can see and be prepared. And I can sometimes be a bull in a China Shop and need a calming voice in my ear.

Thank you for whispering.