16 September 2010

Precious Metals- Keep Your Options Open

The person in that picture is holding $1200 of gold in the center of his/her palm.

Obviously, anyone going out on a limb trying to predict the future is exactly that...
Out on a limb.
So take anything you read here under consideration and do your own research.

A year ago I took a considerable position in silver, and I took physical possession of the purchase. I went back and looked at my last precious metals report, which I posted on 15 January, and found this:

Gold was $1131.00 per ounce.
Silver closed that day at $18.42 per ounce.

The close on both metals today was:
Gold- $1274.00
Silver- $20.76

That means my position in silver is now worth almost 25% more than my purchase price one year ago.
And I truly believe this ride is just beginning.

Be prepared.

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