11 September 2010

9/11. The Unthinkable, Plus Nine Years.

I'll never forget. Neither should you.
And I just don't think I can do any better than my post of
three years ago.


camerapilot said...

A friend of mine who was the cameraman on Law & Order was on a location scout this morning 9 years ago. The crew was walking along Ellis Island when they saw one of the jets roar past. His young son attended a school near by and when the tower fell he thought that his son had been killed. What had happened was that the older school children had put their younger classmates in laundry hampers, grocery carts anything they could find and rolled them to safety.
His son survived while others perished.
I won't forget this day, ever.
May peace and love follow us all of our days.

Robin said...

I just watched your link that you posted on Linn's blog: The Three Things About Islam and it confirmed a lot of stuff that I felt but couldn't define. Thank you for giving me some definition. I am going to be posting that video on my blog tomorrow. I already posted a fairly scathing blog today. Well, not really, but people are so damn pc that you can't say anything w/o offending somebody. Although I pretty much always lay it out there all the time. It's just that my truth is usually more personal and less political. Ah well, it is what it is. Anyway, there is a time to stand up and it is now or never.

cj said...

I hope you've stopped by my blog to see my thoughts on the day.

I enjoyed your previous post, too.