24 September 2010

"The Art of Compromise"

Rich vs. Poor.
Blacks vs. Whites
Hispanics vs. Whites.
Hispanics vs. Vietnamese.
Business vs. Government.
The U.S.A. vs. the World.

This administration has just about all the "stirrable" pots stirred.
Did I miss any?
Can you think of a time in history when the Nation was more divided?


jinksto said...

Business vs Consumer

camerapilot said...

Missed one:
Hispanics killing Blacks seems to be very popular here in LA.
I know what your saying.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

No, I quite can't, and I've been here for six decades. Politicians have, more than ever pitted the most egregious contrasts possible upon each other.

There is NO attempt to LINK strata of peoples; there is only an attempt to DELINEATE the DIFFERENCES between persons in order to win votes.

I find this difference most MARKED on the Left. The Right isn't hallowed by any sense; they simply tend to do or make it LESS than the opposite aisle.

True CONSERVATIVES, however, are another story indeed.

I have NO idea where they will place come Noviembre, though I have my hopes.


the golden horse said...

Hasn't he just done a peachy job of it?
And with such amazing speed. We will never recover from this. Too many off the wrong people now have too much power and the rest have lost theirs.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

military vs civilian
gay vs straight (really, the waffling on DADT is worse than a firm decision one way or the other would have been)
"flyover" vs "coastal" (proposed cost of living breaks on hefty taxes, anyone?)
islamic vs infidel
proisraeli vs antisemitic
law & order vs power & privilege
privacy vs "security"

I'm sure I missed some.

Bud Parker said...

There can only be power through divisiveness. If there is no "contest" there can be no "victor." Politics has corrupted every aspect of our lives. I'm just amazed how many rank and file Americans still play the game; certain beyond all doubt that one Party or the other is the Savior. History illustrates otherwise...

When was the last time you noticed a politician that wasn't quite wealthy after only a couple of years in office? Their pay is less than $200k a year.