19 September 2010


We're onto 'em. (Well, many of us anyway.)
More and more, we've begun to have our eyes opened to the fact we're playing a game with Muslims, whose value system is totally different from ours. Lying? To a Muslim, lying is only a sin if it's done to another Muslim.
Heck, it's not a sin even then if it furthers the goal of striving toward the new Caliphate and the 12th Imam. What's MOST interesting to me is surveying who has seen the light, and who has not. Seems to me, the folks who haven't a clue are those who are most rabidly anti-Christian. While trying to seem like they're anti-religion, they know it's perfectly safe to attack benign Christians, and they do it with impunity.
Women? Ha! "Peace loving" women are the worst, and by appeasing women-hating Muslims, are gonna be the death of us!
But will they express horror at the fact that Dearborn Michigan seems to now be ruled by Sharia law?
Surely you jest! Only the trouble-making Christians seem to be pointing out the double standard there.

Some years ago I flew an AStar for a company that volunteered that aircraft for use by powerful city, State, and National politicians who could "scratch the company's back". I'd ferry these pols from one campaign or speaking event to another, and got to watch them "up close and personal".
It was amazing to watch them work a crowd, smiling and shaking hands with one constituent and agreeing that we needed to fix a problem by working to remove "A" and install "B",
then working another part of the room and promising another constituent that he would do everything within his power to insure "B" takes precedence over "A".

Bald-faced liars.

About a year ago I realized I was passively doing much the same thing...
Socially I would sit and listen to some idiot mouth off about current events and have his facts completely wrong, and I'd bite my tongue and nod my head with a smile, trying to avoid embarrassing the fool and making others around us uncomfortable.
And I watched in horror as my world was slowly being destroyed.
Last year I made the decision I had had enough. I was no longer gonna sit and suffer fools easily. I was gonna start my own one man education process, (and open the door for others to prove me wrong if that was the case). A little over a year has transpired, and you know what?
I no longer feel dirty. I no longer feel ashamed of myself.
And the factor I never considered when I set out on this quest?
Fools have a tendency to avoid me, so there is much less stress in my life.

Do you like what's happening in your world?
What are you doing about it?
Do folks sit and "talk smack" and assume you agree with them because you're smiling, nodding, and biting your tongue?
How's your blood pressure?

Take my recommendation and see if you don't feel the chains fall away...
Let fools know you're mad as Hell, and you're not gonna take it anymore!

Then stop by and let me know how your quality of life has changed.
Good luck!


ddf said...

I think all of us of a certain age have come (in varying degrees) to the same disposition. I find I can hold on quietly until I get the "Well, what do you think?. Then I find myself saying "You're an idiot" much more frequently. ...and it sounds like Glenn Beck has arrived at the same place. Talking about God on TV, and not even on a Sunday! We live in interesting times.

camerapilot said...

Easy GB,
Your giving prostitutes a bad name by linking them to politicians. Prostitutes will give you what you ask for, politicians wont.

Greybeard said...

Oh Jess, if only that was true.
Both prostitutes AND politicians are sold to the highest bidder, and the sooner we realize that the sooner we can get our heads on straight about November.

cary said...

People who know me don't discuss politics around me anymore.

They've been avoiding any discussion of religion, too.

I am MUCH more relaxed now that I don't have to point out that they are, in fact, clueless individual who have been drinking the kool-aid for waaaaay to long. Ever since they realized that I will challenge their every assertion, they quit making assertions. When they realized I would question their sources, the incidents of "They say ..." came to a trickling end.

It is, in fact, very liberating and quit pressure-free.

Woe to the newbie who pops off and doesn't realize that everyone making the two-handed "don't go there" gesture from behind me are not, in fact, waving "hello-and-please-carry-on" to them.

Heh heh heh. Fresh meat!

cj said...

Know who is a believer in the 12th Imam?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Now that should make you feel all warm and cozy.