13 September 2010

Temptation- I Was A Bad Boy.

The Lord made this day...
Rejoice in it!

Yesterday was one of those days.
Eighty degrees. No wind at all. Not a cloud in the sky.
There's this gorgeous motorcycle parked in the garage.
Sara Jean hasn't had the chance to find out if she likes riding on the thing.
It would be a perfect day for a "test" spin.
But remember? I have no motorcycle driver's license.

Pizza Bike is calling...
"C'mon! I haven't been on the road in weeks... lemme stretch my legs!"

"But I haven't ridden any distance in almost 30 years."

"Well, let's keep that from being 30 years and a day!"

To Sara Jean-
"Wanta go for a little ride?"

Without hesitation-

We started off almost idling around our neighborhood, reaching all of 25 mph or so, and stopped to fill the tank with gas.
Filled to the brim, the pump indicated $9.28.
That's what I'm talkin' about!

"Let's go visit Chuck and Janet" she says.
That means getting out on the highway. Pizza Bike purred its approval.
The sun was warm, but the angle of the sun and the hint of coolness in the air indicated Autumn is knocking on the door. It REALLY was a perfect day!

Back in the corral, the tripmeter indicated we had traveled 84 miles.
And the fact we had broken the rules only contributed to the smiles on our faces.

The MSF course leading to my motorcycle operator's license is scheduled in two weeks.
Think we can resist the temptation to break the rules again?!!


On a Wing and a Whim said...

Of all the unlicensed, uninsured motorists who are "vast dangers to public safety" and the order and efficiency of our bureaucratic overlords - I'm not terribly worried 'bout you two on the roads.

Glad to hear you had fun!

I'm not placing any bets - not unless I could get an accurate forecast for the next two weeks in your neck o' the woods!

Robin said...

Sounds like you had a quite a day. I worry about my motorcycle friends. People in cars just don't see people on bikes. So, be careful out there!

The Old Man said...

Bud, you KNOW that ain't happenin'. Another day like that - another 100 miles.....

camerapilot said...

Good Boy!!!!

Timothy Frazier said...


I'll let you in on a little secret...I've never taken a motorcycle license test...written or riding, but I have a motorcycle license.

I'll write that story just as soon as I'm sure the "statute of limitations" has passed and a certain DPS trooper is retired and not in career jeopardy because of it.

Main key is "don't break the law when you're breakin' the law."

Shiny side up, Brother.

Tumo said...