15 September 2010


In the Army we used to have a saying that we'd shout, (only half-seriously)...
"Do SOMETHING, even if it's wrong!"
The point bein', if you set off on a path that's wrong you can study results and realize it pretty quickly, then set a new course to improve the situation.

In our National elections for years now it seems we've had a choice between BAD, and HORRIBLE.
Al Gore?!!!
John ($^*~_$#@) KERRY?!!!!!!
How is it those two lying sacks of fecal material end up at the head of a ticket?

This morning I'm listening to Karl Rove lamenting Christine O'Donnell's win in Delaware as a terrible thing because he thinks that seat now will certainly be won by Democrats. I think Karl Rove is, in many ways, brilliant.
But I also think he's wrong in this case.

I can hear them all shouting...
"Do SOMETHING, even if it's wrong!"

It's time for REAL Hope and Change.
(Oh, and ABSQ? "Anything but the status quo!")


ddf said...

...and isn't this really what the Tea Party is all about? If the fine people in Delaware want a Liberal, let them vote for one. But lets have a choice! Castle didn't provide a choice. I don't know if this young lady will be a good Senator, but at least she has some 'life experience' to relate to her constituents.

hoosierboy said...

amen, brother

cj said...

Just posted a piece about 'moderate Republicans'. It's nothing but my thoughts but you might find them interesting.


Rita said...

When I heard this morning the GOP wasn't going to support them, I was determined to voice my outrage at the chairman directly, which I never do.

But it looks like millions must have beat me to it.

Why doesn't either party get it?

I say, thrown them ALL out, but leave Mike Pence.