07 March 2009


From comments about my initial Facebook experience below, both TWD and Jinksto have suggested I need to open a "Twitter" account. I'm so ignorant, I have to ask-
I have two email accounts and check both several times a day.
I "instant message" with most folks I really care about via MSN Instant Messenger.
I communicate and share thoughts with many of those same folks via this blog.
I've now, at the suggestion of others, taken the foray into "Facebook".
Folks that may need desperately to contact me can do so using any of the above listed lines of communication, or they can simply call. (And if you are a "friend" through Facebook, you also have my telephone number!)

Now I need to "Tweet"?
Is there a really a gap in my life that I need "Twitter" to fill?
Inquiring minds want to know!



Answer: yes. I didn't get Twitter at first but I do now. It's much more useful than Facebook and growing by leaps and bounds.

Unknown said...


Knowing you as I do, you are a natural Twitterer. You will love it. In fact, you might even neglect your blogsite in favor of it. Just to get you started...


Rita said...

ASK: Please don't encourage GB to neglect his blog. I'm addicted.

Greybeard said...

I guess I'll have to do a little poking around to see what Twitter will do for me that other media won't/cannot do. My son uses an aggregator called "Digby" that I really don't understand at all, but it supposedly combines many of the tools he uses... different IMs, Facebook, and other stuff all comes through one portal. Using Digby, he loses some options from each of the media, but it simplifies his checking each of the sites.

-Thank you Rita.
Obviously, I'm flattered. (And I bet I stick with Pitchpull!)


GB, Facebook is good at what it does. Twitter is a tool that allows you to have your finger on the pulse of what's happening NOW. It's role is to keep folks informed the instant something happens. If you watch tv, you'll notice all the networks/cable are using Twitter as a tool to inform and encourge viewers to participate. Your daily experiences would be welcome info on this format as well as promoting your blog entries.

I have an addiction to Pitchpull as well and am looking for a treatment program. Please don't neglect your blog.

140 or less....out!