02 March 2009

Multiply By Dividing?

For those with minds not blurred by too much "Hopium", some wisdom from over at Cary's place.
Thanks Brother!


cary said...

Man, I gotta get out more often - I just now noticed you had linked me...

Thanks, Bro. Sorry we missed out on breakfast.

Di said...

I totally agree with this as a political statement...still I wish I could stop viewing the world in terms of my divorce and the dialogue that ensued. I have a feeling my ex would apply this to our arrangement in the aftermath. I did not always have a job outside our home so he looks at alimony in terms of his being a working person while I am not (by his standards -- though I KNOW I worked in ways too numerous to list), therefore, undeserving. I guess in some cases, wealth is cannot always be measured in dollars and cents. With this recession, hopefully, many folks are realizing this, too.

(Okay...I've said enough for today! Sorry! I see I've missed you...not been blogging so much lately!) :))