22 March 2009

Netbook Notes

I'm typing this post on my new Netbook computer... the Aspire One. Others have enquired how I feel about it, having had a chance to get acquainted.
As you might expect, I like it, with reservations.

The concept... smallness... almost by definition means the keyboard will be small. Honestly, I'm surprised I maneuver over this keyboard as well as I do. I do find myself backing up and correcting more than on my normal-sized laptop, but that's not often enough to be exasperating. And I think the more I use it, the more I'll get accustomed to it.

On the minus side, I actually use it less than I imagined I would. Most everywhere I've gone so far I've had easy access to a normal sized computer, so I haven't really had the need to get this one out and fire it up.
On the plus side, when I do decide to use it, it boots up faster than lightning, and the monitor is beautiful, even if it is small. (Maybe that's because the pixels are scrunched together so much?)

I signed up for Skype. Do you use it? You should! I'm amazed. Skype-to-Skype calls via computer are free, world-wide, and my experience is that they work better than the MSN Instant messenger video calls I have experience with. The built-in camera on this little $350 Netbook computer is wonderful! We just called Big Bubba and talked for 7 minutes, free!, and were obviously able to not only hear, but see he is in good health. BB also held Desi up for us to get a look at him and that's fun. (I wish our furkids could understand the idea that it's us on the computer making all over them!)

So the bottom line...
I heartily recommend the Aspire One. Having the chance to do it over I might consider a similar machine with a 10-inch monitor, simply because the keyboard would be correspondingly larger. But I'm perfectly happy with my purchase and think you should check Netbooks out if you are in the market for a laptop.
And check out Skype too!


cary said...

(psst - gb - what's yer skype handle? I usually have skype on when I'm on the computer, handle carycartter...)

cary said...

I'm an idiot. my skype handle is cary.cartter - big difference!