08 March 2009

No Hitting Beneath The Belt!

Gotta be fair, folks!
Conservatives gritted their teeth at much of the stuff said about GWB, knowing it was biased or misreported. We all saw how what was reported could be slanted just by omitting certain details. I can't do that... honor is an important thing. When I say/write something, it's important for me to know you can depend on me to relay the truth. If I find I have shared a lie with you, I'll report that and apologize as soon as I'm aware.

Recently there has been a set of videos shown on many blogs comparing the reaction of our Marines to President Bush with their reaction to President(?) ) Obama. If you read blogs avidly you've already seen it. It's pretty striking...
GWB walks into the room and there is an uproar. Obama enters the room to Marines standing at attention while "Hail to the Chief" is played. We are supposed to surmise from the comparison that the troops love Bush... Obama... not so much. At the time I first saw the comparison I thought to myself, "That's two entirely different situations." The troops are not at the position of attention when GWB enters the room, and therefore are free to react as they wish. Troops at attention are statues... eyes fixed to the front, arms locked to the side, heels together and at a 45 degree angle.
So it was an affirmation of my concerns when the
Mudville Gazette echoed my thoughts in this report. Go read and see what you think.
And don't lower yourself to the level of hate we have witnessed over the last 8 years, folks. This guy is beginning to self-destruct and needs no help from us to accomplish it.


Cissy Apple said...

I agree, Greybeard. I just hate it when somebody puts their slant on something--no matter who it is. It's not right to compare the troops' reaction based on two entirely different situations.

Rita said...

I agree here. I have seen both videos and it's easy to believe what we would like, but I've also read that the troops were at a different position of attention.

Not having served in the military, it's easy to be swayed by the reactions.

Glad you presented a fair assessment.

cj said...

I considered the idea that the troops were not a liberty to react to Obama the way they did to GWB. I considered that they may even have been told not to react.

But, I still think it's a valid video. GWB didn't insist on the rigid show of respect. He was comfortable and at ease with the troops and they were allowed to be the same with him.