11 March 2009

My Light At The End Of The Tunnel-

Well, the image is now broken so you'll have to let me paint you the photo Camerapilot saw and commented on before it went away:
Two old geezers are sitting on a park bench next to a beautiful pond. One says,

My wife asked 'Whatcha doin' today'?
'That's what you did yesterday!'
'I wasn't finished.'



camerapilot said...

Your light looks a lot like the inside of Rob Reiner's head!

jinksto said...

broken... clicking on the image takes me to a login for a Juno.com mailbox. :)

Greybeard said...

Well CP, you'll have to admit...
"Meathead" did seem happy most of the time!

camerapilot said...

I didn't see any image! With times being the way they are I though your use of a solid black void was a metaphor!
It does look like the inside of Rob Reiner's head though.