30 March 2009

Helicopters and National Health Care

Did Socialized Medicine kill Natasha Richardson?
Some great discussion here.
(And I personally don't think a helicopter ride would have saved her.)


cj said...

It didn't sound to me like there was much that could've been done, no matter what.

But it's a scary discussion nonetheless, give what The One wants to do.


Ward said...

Good hypocrisy there, Greybeard. You bitched when Aviatrix dared to say anything negative about US health care, now you do the same thing about Canadian health care, something I'm sure you know very little about.

Greybeard said...

Thanks for stopping by Ward.
Hope you're having a great day.

cj said...

Hey, Ward, living on a border town with Canada, I know enough about their wonderful health care program to know that they all come over to the US side and clog our hospitals and doctor's offices up.

If their care is so damned great, why do they come here?