06 March 2009

Frightened By Facebook

After being prodded by several fellow workers, I just opened a Facebook account. Man, I really don't know what the **** I am doing!
I click buttons and nothing happens. I click other buttons and stuff I don't want to happen happens. I did finally get a favorite photo posted on the site surprisingly quickly.

I have to continue telling myself the same things I always told Mom and Dad...
"You're not gonna break anything, so just go wild! If you mess somethin' up, we'll fix it!"
So I'm experimenting like nobody's business at Facebook.
Experts out there... any suggestions or warnings?



One word, GB: Twitter.

Rita said...

It's addictive. Only our mother is not yet on there.

jinksto said...

Privacy concerns... the old adage "remember who your friends are" becomes doubly true. I sometimes start to post something a little on the "ify" side and remember that my wife's elderly aunt can see my stuff on Facebook as can a few kids and a few co-workers. Not that I'm doing anything crazy... just have to filter what goes on there to about the same level as your blog maybe a little more.

Don't subscribe to every application that asks for it... just decline them and move on. Most aren't that interesting and clicking the link gives them access to your details.

Second Dave's recommendation for Twitter. http://twitter.com that's good fun.

Rita said...

There are a number of privacy settings that you can alter on FB also. I currently have mine set where no one can see me in any search unless they are my friends. Even if they are friends of friends. There's a little known setting that allows others to see your friend list even if you have your page marked private.

I also do not have my picture as my profile. I do post pictures on there, but not the main profile one.

Cissy Apple said...

That's the only way Rita can get people to be her friends on Facebook...NOT posting her photo.

Greybeard said...

Ahh, so Rita's photo is a good bug repellent?
I wondered why she posted that photo of Kelly Ripa on her blog!

Rita said...

OK GB. You're on my list now.

Kelly Ripa? Nah, I'm alot smarter than her.

I once told Cissy that she got all the talent and I got all the brains. She took offense to that. Not sure why. I would think that would leave our two brothers to wonder what they inherited.

As a side note: The stupid word verification I have to put under this comment is "unflog" Finally, one I like.

Rita said...

I have to retract my statement. My mother just joined Facebook. lol

cary said...

Ah, Facebook!

Join! Make friend connections!

Spend three hours every day going through all the e-mail notifications that all your friends keep sending you even after you ignore them, hoping they will get the hint!

Yes, I'm on there. No, I don't have any magic words. But, I do dig in and try to see what all the doo-dads are and do, Dad.

Heh heh - get it? Doodad? Do, Dad?

uh-never mind.

Greybeard said...

Hear hear, Cary!
I think most have the same problem...
I have friends that NEVER send me anything personal via email, but will inundate my mailbox with crap they think I have an interest in...
Stuff I found myself, then got via "forward" from six friends who want to insure I see it. God Bless 'Em.
But those emails sit for hours/days/weeks sometimes until I have time to open them.
What a waste... for me, and for them!