06 May 2011

NOT AGAIN! Yes, Again.

You may remember this post about destroying my datebook while we were in Mesa, Arizona.

Or this post about it happening again the very next year, while we were in Destin.

It's been three years. We're in Destin. But there IS a positive side to it this time...
It's early in the year. I'm only losing 4 months and a few days data.


Timothy Frazier said...

Hard to fathom. My info of that sort is in my HTC Thunderbolt, duplicated and synched on my VeiwSonic gTablet, and tertiarily backed up on my laptop. The it's all contained in the cloud with Google backup.

Not to mention the hard copies, business cards, and copious hand-written notes in my desk at home.

My wife would have to scrub the internet, burn the house down, and obliterate my three favorite gadgets for me to lose my "datebook".

It's 2011, GB...pre-Zombie Apocalypse. You should take advantage of technology before the end of the world as we know it.

Old NFO said...

Oh damn... sorry to hear that!

cary said...

Man of habits, are we, GB?

I would not want to appear to be ... uhm ... callous ... so I won't post the picture of me chuckling while reading this entry.