22 May 2011

Which Of These Men Deserve Your Attention?

Hat tip- Clarice Feldman.


Scotty said...

The guy on the right.......Smokey Robinson right?? ;-)

Joe said...

The one on the right -- he is dangerous to America, to our way of life and my personal economic and political freedom.

Anonymous said...

The gentleman on the left deserves all the support we can give him, The guy on the right deserves my NO vote and shown the door.


CJ said...

Hmmm... I'm watching one of them speak right now and the other, I can't grab my remote fast enough to shut up.

Guess which is which.


The Grey Geezer said...

Hi Grey . . . The guy on the right grew up to become the most dangerous man in America. Why isn't his picture on the post office wall?

the golden horse said...

The guy on the left just gave a great, heartfelt speech and interview on Hannity. I would love to meet him. Guy on the right, not even a close second.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'll quantify it in its most base:

Left: HOST.


It's always been a matter of parasites versus hosts.