02 May 2011

I Gotta Win The Lottery

I'm at the dining room table where this blog was conceived.
Today, once again, we have sunshine, moderate temps., and a brisk refreshing breeze.
To my left I can see whitecaps breaking on what may be the white-est sand in the world.
To my right I can see a swimming pool with several people chatting with one another, lying in the sun, enjoying life.
Sara Jean, Lucy, Yogi, and me just finished walking two miles, and now she is on the beach with visiting family members.
I wanta do this full time.
This is near-heaven.


Joe said...

Wish I was there. In the Hoosierland it is cold and rainy.

OlePrairiedog said...

I'm in Seal Beach CA, foggy this am, warm sunshiny day, cool ocean breeze. You are right, I could do this alot.