05 May 2011

"News Alert" And Vacations

Vacations are for re-creating. Sun, surf, beach, and walks along palm-lined streets. We had hoped to "get away" from the pressures of everyday while we were here.
And then Sunday night our son called and asked, "Are you watching the news?"

It's our own fault, of course.
If I really wanted to get away from it all, electronic devices would be OUT...
Cell phones, TV's, radios, laptops. To be perfectly oblivious you'd have to pre-buy all your staples and avoid going to any retail outlet to insure you wouldn't get a glimpse of a newspaper headline.
That's almost impossible these days unless you're vacationing in Northern Canada.

So Sunday night we got sucked in. I have no problem admitting I'm not at all confused about bin Laden's death... I'm elated. "He needed dyin'".
But the result has been entertaining, hasn't it, watching liberals trying to turn on a dime, hoping we'll all ignore past STUPID pronouncements.?
Is he really dead?
Should the photos be made public?
Are the internet photos faked?
What now, re: our relations with Pakistan?

I'm on vacation.
We're running errands and doing a few chores this morning, and intend to spend the afternoon on the beach.
Next time you see me you'll be knocked out by my gorgeous tan.

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Timothy Frazier said...

People are LOSING THEIR MINDS over it. I can't believe how incensed a lot of my Libertarian friends are that he was shot and didn't even have a gun in his hand.

Frankly, I'd have shot the SOB in the back while he was sleeping in a box full of kittens and still slept soundly that night.