02 May 2011

Leadership. Finally.

He took a risk.
He took a serious risk.
This obviously could have been a "Jimmy Carter" scale disaster, and I'm sure he weighed that possibility, then took the risk anyway.
But look at the results gained from taking this calculated risk.

Mr. Obama...
Good on ya.
More please.


Rita said...

Agreed. I applaud the President for not backing down from the war on terrorism. I'm sure his first Intell briefing was quite an eye opener and thankfully he did not fulfull THAT campaign promise.

But today also brings news that apparently this information has been years in the making and actually stemmed from the CIA interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed at Guantanamo.

Apparently waterboarding WORKS.

Thank you President Obama and thank you even more President George W. Bush.

cj said...

Amen, GB.

He's done two things now that took guts - authorizing the killing of those Somali pirates and this.

More would be nice.

But I'm not holding my breath.


CnC said...

yeah we ain't done yet,

the golden horse said...

I would be really happy now, if they stopped sending 3 Billion a year to Pakistan.
Did you hear the speech the Pakistani leader made, chastising us. What a turd.

Mandy said...

Yup. He neglected to mention that he inherited the intell about bin Laden, and the Navy SEALs who executed the mission!

Harrison said...

I agree with your comment, but unfortunately it reminded me that I once flew Jimmy and Rosalyn from DC to Atlanta. I also had Miss Lilian on a few flights and she once told me that she was glad Jimmy got elected and not his brother Billy. She said Jimmy would never have been able to manage the family service station by him self.