03 May 2011

Insecure People

You asked my wife, "Who does he think he is? Why would he think anyone would be interested in what he has to say on that blog?"

I'm puzzled as to how to react.
You come here a lot. You also were critical about my motorcycle purchases.
Yeah, it may seem crazy in some ways. Maybe I AM crazy. We'll see.

But I'm sure of one thing...
No one is forcing you, or anyone else for that matter, to come here and read my thoughts.
Yet, if you check my "profile", you'll find 14,000+ folks (agreeing or disagreeing) have been interested enough in what I say over the last six years to have a look-see at who I am and what I do. I know that doesn't answer your question. Maybe it puzzles you even more.

Do us all a favor pal...
Start your own blog. Let Sara Jean know about it. Then I can come read your thoughts and see what's goin' on in that sad head of yours. (And I promise when I come I'll have the stones to leave a comment now and then, too.)
Let's see if YOU can make it interesting for six years. (Or six months!)

I know exactly what is going on here...
And I feel pity for you.


Grant said...

So, why is there an interest in anyone's blog then? Don't we all just do this as a hobby and figure if no one ever reads it, what harm has it caused.

There are some I visit ONCE and find nothing worthwhile and move on. Others I visit as soon as they have a new post.

I've never understood people that read blogs and then complain about them. Why are they wasting their own time? Move on.

Timothy Frazier said...

I'm only posting this comment because GB is paying me and 14,000 other folks exorbitant sums to read his blog. Apparently one reader didn't get his payment this month and is all twisted up over it.

What's really bumming me out is GB makes me pay him twice as much to read my blog as I charge to read his.

I've been steadily losing money since the day I tracked back to his site from a comment he left on mine.