08 April 2011

Woof Woof

I want to speak Dog.

When I move, the dogs move.
Roofers pounding overhead, I came upstairs to avoid some of the noise. The dogs followed. Laptop in place, Lucy is snuggling against the warm air being expelled from its back while Yogi is lying with his back against my left thigh. Both are curled up asleep.
I felt a slight stirring against my thigh...
Yogi's nub of a tail was twitching.
Soon he was yipping...
Yip! Yip! Yip!... one yip per second, still sound asleep.
Lucy woke and looked at him, then at me.
"C'mon Luce... tell me what he's saying. Is he dreaming of chasing a rabbit? Is he dreaming about being mistreated by his former owner?"
I touch him, scratching behind his left ear, and the yipping stops.
He stretches his legs and yawns, then closes his eyes and begins his shallow, even breathing again.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know how they think...
What they smell...
What they see?

I'd give a nickel for that information.


cary said...

"I wish I could talk - with my dog.
I wish I could talk - with my dog.
I wish I could talk - with my dog.
But right now, it's a monologue."

Can't remember who sings it, but it's on one of the kid's CDs that plays in the store all the time.

emily said...

My Lucy is curled up in the bed next to me snoring happily. What a hot mess the two of us are. And I too would pay to know her thoughts!

Old NFO said...

LOL- kids and dogs... :-)

cj said...

Especially when they do something completely unfathomable... I would pay to get a peek inside Riley's head.