14 April 2011

Will It Be Five, Or Fifteen?

Did you hear the President(?) outline yesterday how he's gonna save us?
I tried, and my reaction was EXACTLY the same as Vice President Biden and the gal seated immediately behind him.
We all went to sleep.

I don't know if I should continue to do this...
Is anyone paying attention?
The Bozama plan, apparently, is for more of the same...
We certainly don't want to bring "Change" to seniors and medicare/medicaid recipients, do we?
(Someone explain to me how we cut spending without cutting spending.)

So the only question experts now have is, "Will the collapse come in fifteen years, or sooner?"
But it's coming, and we all need to be reminded how dramatically
our world will change.

And please tell me dear followers...
Do my reminders do any good, or are you tired of my drum pounding?


Timothy Frazier said...

The only problem with your drum pounding is that more people may be forewarned, which means more competition for me in setting up my post zombie apocalypse fiefdom.

cary said...

What Timothy said.

Dibs on the southwest region, Tim.

jinksto said...

Well, I'm with you guys... can't have a collapse if EVERYONE is prepared.

Old NFO said...

Sigh... We few ARE paying attention, but the masses aren't... Did you catch the part about automatic tax increases if the spending doesn't go down???

the golden horse said...

We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem, but you will never hear it from his lips.

I found it interesting that this immature, vindictive person had to sit Ryan and his committee in the front row, so he could chastise him. Payback for last year, when Ryan cleaned his plow and exposed his destructive and fake financial plan with all the manipulated numbers in it. Not a great Presidential moment. Sort of like the exposure of his tape today after the fund raiser. We are hearing who the real O man is, taped after the fund raiser the other night, without his knowledge. We are hearing the real Obama now.
Go Ryan, I have liked this man since I saw his rebuttal of the HC bill last year. Sharp guy.
It would be nice to see a Pence/Ryan ticket. I like Rubio too. Another guy that gets it.