12 April 2011

Free Speech?

We pretty much take it for granted, don't we?
As opposed to our friends in Canada or Great Britain, we can say what we want so long as we know it's not a lie. Heck, we can even freely lie so long as we're not damaging someone or some thing in the process of doing it.

But what would you do if you found your right to free speech was being restricted? Would you be outraged enough to take action, or would you shrug your shoulders and say, "Well, I'm just one person. What can I do?"

The possibility that our President(?) has been using another's Social Security account for years has really piqued my interest. I have known for some time that Snopes.com is very likely to provide cover for Obama specifically and democrats generally, so my first investigations always go to truthorfiction.com/. When I typed "John Paul Ludwig" into the search block there, I was greeted with a page that said "0 results". Interestingly, when I looked at the search block the spelling of the name I had typed had magically changed to "John Paul Ludvig". So, thinking I may have typed a "V" instead of a "W" I retyped the name, and got the same result.

Oh well, when all else fails...
Over to Snopes.com and search for "John Paul Ludwig".
No results. And I find that very odd. Here we have a really hot issue...
If this story is true it means Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama has, for some reason, been committing fraud for years. (Another attempt to hide something? Why?)
If the story is NOT true, wouldn't you think the folks covering Bozama's butt would be ridiculing it and exposing it for the lie it is? (Oh wait. That birth certificate thing has cost 'em HOW MANY MILLIONS to cover up?)

There is something VERY very fishy going on here.
Where there's smoke there is fire, right?
But pay no attention to the man frantically pulling the levers and spinning the dials behind the curtain... he's of no consequence at all. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride folks!

Our free speech rights can be curtailed not only by denying us the right to say what we know to be true, they can also be denied us by limiting and editing the information made available to us all. Why can I not find anything about this John Ludwig/social security account issue? Why isn't some major media source pouncing on this like a starving dog on a ham bone?

I know why.
You do too.
And that knowledge should frighten us all.
But it doesn't, and the fact that we're all so willing to roll over and accept it saying "I'm just one person" frightens me to my core.
Are we that numb, addicted to free government cheese?

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Timothy Frazier said...

As long as Democrats and Republicans have the monopoly on power we will continue to be treated as idiots and underlings. They will feed us whatever manufactured candidate they want and expect us to come back for second helpings.

The vast majority of the media sides with one or the other of those two parties, which means the vast majority of the media sides AGAINST individual liberty and freedom.

BUT...people who have long called themselves Republicans are starting to realize that what the Republican party leadership stands for is the same as what the Democrat party stands for, not what many of the GOP's individual members stand for. The conspiracy goes all the way back to McCain winning the Republican primary. Seriously, McCain was the best they had to offer? He won the primary because he was the most likely one Obama could beat.

INDIVIDUAL "Republicans" are leaving in droves and the awakening is gaining momentum.