18 April 2011


Please take note-
Crzegrl.net is now FlightEMS.com
I've made the change to my blogroll.
Good luck and productive writing, Emily!


Anonymous said...

Hello GB,


You'll love this.




emily said...

Thank you sir for the plug!

I am so excited to finally transition much contemplation into a workable product :)

Greybeard said...

Thanks Erik. But I do wish you had just dropped down one post and added your comment there.
I'm quite aware of Jack Cashill's work. Andrea Shea-King has interviewed him on more than one occasion on her BlogTalk Radio Show. Anyone now believing there is some conspiracy against poor, innocent Bozama has their eyes shut, ears covered and is humming Lalalala!

And Em, you do such wonderful stuff...
I'm SO looking forward to your Blog now that you can spread your wings and FLY!

Greybeard said...

To Erik and others...
Cashill will be on Andrea's show tonight! Join me there in the chat room!

Old NFO said...

I'll check her out!