28 April 2011


At work as I type this, I'm getting excited...
No, not about the Royal Wedding!
When I leave work this morning I'll head home to grab a couple hours sleep.
Sara Jean IS watching the festivities in London, but will be going to work for a few hours this A.M. while I grab zzzzzz's.
When she gets home we'll pack the car, load up the dogs, and head South to Destin.
We'll be there through next weekend. Fresh seafood, beer, Margaritas, sunshine and surf are on the agenda.
We're also looking forward to meeting and dining with Bob at a restaurant where one of his friends is a culinary artist.

The forecast right now looks good. With all the rain we've experienced in the Midwest we're hoping for lots of sun.

Updates to come.


the golden horse said...

Have a wonderful much needed rest and relaxation week.

Terry said...

Love It
Have a beer for me when you watch the world drive by that easy chair.
Fly feathers are not far off.

Old NFO said...

Enjoy! :-)