06 April 2011

WAIT! I'm Watchin' You! STOP!

You're actually gonna EAT all those?!
How many eggs have you had this week?
Eight? You're kidding, right? EIGHT?!!
Well since you've already cooked 'em up we'll let ya eat 'em...
Waste not, want not, ya know?
Yeah, you deserved that! I saw you reaching across that table. Were you actually going to add salt to those?
You know better than that. They "taste better with salt" you say?
Salt would make you retain fluids and would increase your blood pressure.
You're not gonna butter that are ya?
There's already enough cholesterol in those eggs to float the Titanic!
No butter! And go easy on that strawberry jam too...
Lots of calories in that, for sure.

Okay, we've got the food under control,haven't we?
Let's have a look now at what type light bulbs are in the fixture illuminating this table!


emily said...

Omg, eat the eggs salt and butter!! That is about all I live on :) I just avoid the bread and jam. Lol

cary said...

Hay, Obummer! Yeah, you, ya big-caboose floozy! Git your face out of my bidness!

Dang, but I long for the days when a First Lady would advocate for children's literacy, or something along that line.

Heck, I just long for a First Lady.

Rita said...

What Cary said.

The Old Man said...

Sounds like you have a moron infestation at your breakfast table, amigo...

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Huh. You know, when I want calmer half to eat more healthily, I do it by making shrimp scampi with a side salad. Or venison stew with sourdough rolls. Or providing sourdough pancakes and fresh fruit to go with the eggs, so he eats fewer of them.

Damned if I'm going to let the government nag or restrict my husband; that's MY job! And if I choose not to do it, that is in no way ceding the ability to them!