27 April 2011

The Birth Certificate... More Questions Than Answers

So he released it.
Suuuuurrrrre he did.

First, let's review. Go here and compare.
My personal Birth Certificate looks almost exactly like the first example.
The "Certificate" just released looks NOTHING like the example shown, even though they should have been issued within a day of one another.
Why is that? Seriously.

What "Race" is African? Teresa Heinz-Kerry is "African". Think it says "African" in the "Race" block on her Birth Certificate?
(Caucasian, Negro, Asian, Native American, are "Races".)

And if this "No big deal at all" Birth Certificate turns out to be the genuine article, why were millions and millions of dollars spent to keep it secret?

I'd like answers. I bet we won't get 'em.
The Constitution of the United States is being torn apart, and many of us now think that's the purpose of this whole exercise.
It all STINKS.

Shades of "Rathergate"?
Let the games begin!

Further update:
I've noticed in comments at other blogs that the "millions spent" to keep the birth certificate secret is being denied by some. I have to admit that I have parroted that, having seen it many times elsewhere. One thing is sure... it (the long form) could have been released long ago, but wasn't, because our President thought the issue was "stupid".
LTC Terry Lakin lost his career and went to prison because our President thought the issue was stupid?
Let me tell ya who I think is "stupid", uncaring, and playing with the lives of others!


Red Shoes said...

It amazes me that the persident says that he has more important things to do than answer questions about his place of birth...

... and that important thing for today is being in Chicago filming an episode of Oprah...

And so it goes...



Good post. Linked.

Ward said...

..."looks NOTHING like"

You have an odd definition of nothing, since both of them have the same layout, the same field names and numbers, etc., etc.

... "What race is African?"

My birth certificate says my race is "White." Caucasian's been used for a long time, but "Asian" is likely a newer term, as is "Native American," it doesn't seem out of line to see African on an OLD birth certificate.

It's been a moot point for over two years now. "He was born in Hawaii is a far simpler explanation" than a vast conspiracy to fake his birth certificate, so Occam's Razor says that's the most likely conclusion.

The only way the constitution is being torn apart is that birthers are saying "he's got to go!" while ignoring that the only way the constitution allows a president to be removed is by impeaching him.

Greybeard said...

Interesting view, Ward.
But many of us that put our ass on the line to defend the Constitution are mighty upset with the fact that folks are playing games with it:

Keep your attitude. The fuze is getting shorter and shorter.
Keep an eye on inflation and precious metals prices. I don't know what will be "The straw that breaks the camels back", but it looks as if we're gonna push hard enough to find it!

The Old Man said...

Gots no doubt it's the real deal. Even HIS numbnut advisors would've larnt from the Rather bit.
My question is - why now? Don't tell me it was pressure from the Trump'd-Up one. What are we being distracted from? Bye-Bye American Life Bernanke?
I don't know, and that adds to the paranoia....

Ward said...

It was most likely released now because: with Trump having fanned the flames it was in the news in a big way. And having released what should be accepted as a real birth certificate, anyone who still doubts that he's a citizen will be revealed as a crackpot.

Greybeard said...

Name calling.

the golden horse said...

Pretty interesting stuff. My question to you is. If Susan's BC is legal, why is her number four numbers smaller than a person's born the day before her. Did I read it wrong?

I think the main thing here, everyone is ignoring is, legal or not, has this man, that is suppose to be the leader of our great country, done everyone to his ability to keep us safe and has his actions so far seem like a person that is suppose to lead this nation and continue relations with our allies.
Instead he has spent large amounts of time bringing our monetary value down, encircled himself with marxist and communist and those that hate America.
He has shown disdain for Christianity, regardless of what he says. Just look at where he attended church on Easter Sunday without even mentioning Easter Sunday but made a big deal of a Muslim Holiday last Sept.
I think his actions and his priorities speak huge volumns.
I think this BC was shown today due to the polls.
Obama was the one that kept this BC issue alive. He was enjoying this whole charade.

Greybeard said...

You may be right GH, BUT...
His numbers are absolutely TANKING with independents and he CANNOT win without them.
I'll sorta predict it here-
I don't think he'll be unopposed in the primary, IF he doesn't withdraw beforehand.
And if he gets a solid challenger, it'll be so dirty he won't win the general election.
Anyone wanta wager?

Rita said...

Obama? Withdrawal? Really GB, you severly underestimate his ego.

Greybeard said...

Money where your mouth is, Rita.
As this unfolds, Dems will turn on him. Some already are.
I think when Trump is through with him, he'll pull an LBJ on us.

Bob Barbanes said...

LTC Terry Lakin lost his career and went to prison because our President thought the issue was stupid?
Let me tell ya who I think is "stupid", uncaring, and playing with the lives of others!

Wrong. Just wrong. LTC Lakin lost his career and went to prison because he chose to take the law into his own hands and disobey an order. I sort of thought we Americans weren't allowed to do that.

No matter what anyone believes about the legitimacy of Obama's presidency, as long as he is in office we are obliged to obey the law of the land - as Dr. Lakin found out the hard way.

Shed no tears for Lakin. He made his bed, and now he's sleeping in it...in prison!

We all have our opinions about this or that. But having a strong opinion about anything doesn't give you the right to act as you please. Or does it? I mean, just because you believe that the president has circumvented the Constitution, are you then free to disobey it yourself?

Hmm. Seems like anarchy to me.

What puzzles and amuses me is that nobody who is in government (you know, all those Republicans who probably dislike Obama as much as anybody)...nobody who is in government have been calling for a big investigation. Why is that? Where is McCain in all this mess? Hey Huck, don't you care? How's about you, John Boner, why the silence?

Do you suppose they know something we don't?

Old NFO said...

I wish this would end it, but sadly I don't think that is going to happen... We just need to vote him out in 2012 and move on.

Greybeard said...

Haven't been around these parts much lately, have ya Bob?
We're T.E.A. Partiers, and agree that much of the problem in today's economy was caused by "dem lites" like McCain and Huckabee.
Throw 'em out!

And Lakin was denied justice...
Asked to see the birth certificate at trial and was denied.
(I guess they weren't quite yet done photo-shopping this P.O.S. they just released ;>) !

Now of course, all is well.
Except he's still ineligible to hold the office, and he's making a mockery of the Constitution.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Number One:
Obama won't withdraw. Never in a million years.

Number Two:
If the GOP only has Romney or Huckabee or Gingrich or any other Standard Republican Hack to throw against Obama, Obama's second term is GUARANTEED.

I don't see anyone who ISN'T a GOP hack lining up. And Conservatives aren't interested in playing patty-cake anymore with Standard Republican Hacks.

Because with each election the SRH looks more and more like a DEMORAT.


Greybeard said...

We'll agree to disagree on this one BZ, for these reasons:

1. I think Obama won't have a choice. I think the unemployment numbers will be SO bad...
Gas and other prices SO high...
Even democrats will realize he's unelectable.
(Hillary in '12?)

2. I realize times are pretty desperate. But why is everyone so depressed about the repub. line-up?
The damned election is still eons away, and I see several excellent prospects on the horizon...
Thad McCotter.
Herman Cain.
Allen West.
Mitch Daniels?
"Let not your heart be troubled", my friend.

3. The WORST...
Absolutely the worst thing that could happen to us now would be for repubs to head the Senate, House, and Presidency, because the coming days will be ugly and "Joe Average" is gonna blame Gov. for not handing out what he needs to swim through life. Do we want that blame being laid at the feet of republicans, or would it be nice to point to Jimmy Carter II and say "You were stupid enough to vote for this Godlike figure, now lay in the bed you've made"?

We need to concentrate on the Senate...
Neuter Chuck Shumer the way we neutered Nancy-Schmancy.
Then at worst we have gridlock and BOzo can do little harm. Even his executive orders can be nullified if both houses see fit.

Let's get the Senate. Then we can look forward to several years of pain necessary to straighten out this economic disaster.