25 November 2008

Why I Love Being In Aviation-

Another case where the thought of fire gives me nightmares...
(Click it to BIG it.)

Maybe the last Me-109 ever built.

Another angle of the above aircraft.

Me-109 tail feathers.

1963 Corvette Split-Window Coupe

DeTomaso Pantera, with Triumph (TR-6?) peeking just behind.

All belong to friend, Dr. Leo.
He intends to bring the Me-109 back to airworthy condition, and is no fool...
he know$ exactly what that will entail.
Still, he just bought a Folke-Wulf Fw 190, also in need of restoration, rather than allow it to slip away. Rebuilding the 109 will take precedence.

Big Boys, Big Toys.
But he's preserving history and I'm glad he and others are willing to do that for the rest of us.
Thank you Dr. Leo!


The Old Man said...

ARE YOU SHITTING ME RALPH??? Please let me know when the good doctor gets a handle on the lovely warbird OR needs unschooled help and I am SO there (if only to drool and photograph). As you know, I've driven to the area before and this is a HELLUVAN excuse. A 190 AND a 109? Dear God, all he needs is a T-bolt or a Widow... The rolling iron is nice, but a GUSTAV???

Uncle Vic said...

What a great way to have a great time. Just getting away from it all with a fun project.