17 November 2008

Ghost Rider

When I heard about the movie Ghost Rider, I was disappointed to find it wasn't based on the antics of this
"Ghost Rider":


cary said...



On a deserted road? Hey, practice and run that to your heart's content.

Once you factor in other vehicles, you are ASKING for trouble.


Greybeard said...

I've watched many videos of this guy, (or guys), Cary, and I'm fascinated and revolted simultaneously.
Fascinated by the obvious talent it takes to drive that machine on one wheel at 130 miles per hour...
Revolted, because I've seen photos of a T-Bone collision between a bike traveling at some unGodly speed and a Mustang convertible...
Killed two teenage girls in the Mustang AND the unthinking bike rider, while virtually cutting the car in half.

Why can't (Swedish? Dutch?) police stop this recklessness?

cj said...

People like that idiot give people like me ulcers. I'd like to think that he'd change his mind after scraping someone up from the pavement but those idiots don't. They always think it could never happen to them.