05 November 2008

The Misery Index

Well it's over.
Didn't turn out as I had hoped, but I take some degree of relief in the fact that, like any journey, you put one foot in front of the other until you get where you're goin'.
Things will get better, someday.

To those BHO supporters that stop by here- Congratulations.
Your candidate ran a smart campaign.
Now what?

Many of us lived through the Carter years. Many have predicted the coming years will be as bad or worse than those years.
God help us.
I'm glad I'm not looking for a job in a technical field.

For those that didn't live through the Carter years, a primer is necessary:
When Jimmy Carter ran against Gerald Ford, he introduced most of us to
"the misery index"...
A simple formula-
The rate of inflation, added to the unemployment rate.
During his campaign in 1976 he asked voters, "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"
Most folks had to answer no.
In 1976 the misery index stood at 14%.

Carter was a nice man... Navy Veteran, Christian, peanut farmer.
Folks were ready for change, and handily elected him.
(I voted for Jimmah.)

He was a poor leader, an indecisive President.
At the end of his term, candidate Ronald Reagan made a fool of him by asking, as Carter did four years before:
"Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

In 1980, the last year of Carter's administration, the misery index hit its highest mark in history- 22%.

As a public service to all my dear readers, I intend to start keeping track of the misery index.
As you can see at the link, it currently stands at 11%.
I suspect that will change quickly.

Care to take a shot at a prediction?


cj said...

GB -

The best thing about yesterday is that it's over... for a couple of years anyway.

But, I agree - it's time for the Republican party to regroup and return to its core. And I keep reminding myself that after four years of Jimmy Carter we were blessed with eight years of Ronald Reagan.

There's always hope...


Rain said...

Obama must keep this him main promise-- fiscal responsibility. If he does not, he has two years before a republican majority will again fill Congress. Nancy Pelosi may think Obama is a pushover but several others have found he is not. It won't be easy no matter what he does as the country is facing a lot of problems that would have made a lot of people not even want this job. I wish him the best.. and might I add, your posts here were quite fair and refreshing given what I have read some places where people of the extreme (which the left also can be) seem to go nuts when they lose. I hope the best for our nation over the next 4 years and hope Obama does what he said with choosing the best for his cabinet, regardless of their party affiliation. Partisanship has hurt us all

Greybeard said...

Ah rain, thanks for stopping by, finally.
My fear is that you, Paul, and folks like Peggy Joseph have invested so much hope in this man, he's doomed.
He's already been caught in an affair that the media refused to carry.
(But unlike slick Willy this WAS on his OWN time, so it truly is between he and Michelle to work out.)
He still has many connections with ne'er-do-wells that may come back to haunt him SHOULD the media ever start studying him as their jobs require. I won't hold my breath.

Eight years of admittedly poor management by GWB... some of it mitigated because of world events, and two years of absolute malfeasance by a democrat congress, (including graft that should have Chris Dodd and Barney Frank in jail), has set up what appears to me to be an impossible obstacle course even for an experienced manager, which we know he is not.
What we know is he is a talented speaker, with enough street punk in him to slyly give the finger to Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

I still don't like him, but my 401k, which democrats are now talking about stealing, hopes he is successful in negotiating that course.

No matter what, it's gonna be entertaining to watch.

The Old Man said...

Perhaps not as entertaining to live through. My 401K is now a 320T thanks to Chrissy and Barney. I imagine taxes that the Democrats are talking about placing on the accounts will turn them into 200.5Ws. Maybe that's my paranoia talkin'.
Maybe not.

Rain said...

A lot of McCain's plans were not great for small businesses either. Given the size of our deficit, what we have put on the cuff, there are not going to be cheap answers and anybody that thinks it's going to be easy hasn't been paying attention. I hope the Republican party rebuilds itself into a truly conservative party which it has been and can be again. It won't happen though if the neocons have their way.

Most adults have had affairs *s* Certainly Sarah had and McCain many times over. I don't care what their personal sexual morality is. I care what they bring to the country. I have invested a lot in hoping and working for Obama but Paul and I are both mature adults and have seen a lot in our years. If Obama isn't what we hope, if others squash everything for their partisan goals, it won't surprise me. You just do the best you can with figuring out what is what.

and you could comment at my blog also, you know *s* I was curious what your take would be on it given what you had written earlier. None of them are perfect (perfect ones probably get chewed up and spit out before they get started. You have to be tough in that world) nor are they messiahs. We just hope that sometimes some are what they say they are. I believe that about Obama but I've been wrong before...