22 November 2008

Le Cafe

Coffee is good for you.
Coffee is bad for you.
What's the latest "Scientific" ruling this week?

I've written before what a huge coffee drinker my Old Man was...
He probably drank more than a half-gallon per day, yet slept like a baby.
I like coffee, but when I drink more than four or five cups you'd think I have palsy.

Sara Jean is an addictive personality. When I first met her she didn't drink coffee, but Dad changed that in one weekend. All he had to do was show her how to add cream and sugar, and she was nearly keeping pace with his consumption. And though Dad is now gone, his tradition of coffee drinking continues in his beloved Daughter-in-law. Our "Mr. Coffee" perks an "Army pot" at 6 A.M., and if I don't roll my lazy hindquarters out of bed by 8, I'll have to brew a new pot... she'll smile like the Cheshire Cat and shrug her shoulders, and be second in line for a cup when the next pot finishes.
I don't know how folks like Dad and Sara Jean do it. Obviously, others have the same thoughts:

1 comment:

cj said...

That's pretty funny.

I love coffee but don't drink it anymore because it gives me crazy heartburn...

But, I was once able to drink an entire pot byself during the night shift and then go home and sleep like a baby.