03 November 2008


He did the same thing to Hillary:

What a PUNK.
Can it be possible he'll be President PUNK?



He's a punk, no doubt. Punk-in-Chief.

wksaz said...

I hope he loses.....or we will not be able to live with his pompous a** or the rest of the left. You got it.....punk a** punk is right. I can help him with that finger.

I hear people saying that we need to come together after the election. I do not see how that will ever be possible again. I, for one could never swallow the pride I have for this country.

Words should be read as they are written. The Constitution is an instruction manual for the maintenance of freedom. No interpretation is necessary, only compliance with the simple instructions.


Autorotate said...

Hey Grey, speaking of punks, I just found a 64 driver's site: I think you'll enjoy it


Greybeard said...

Thanks Lucky...
Went and took a quick look, and I'm surprised he has YOU labeled as "political", considering his stance on this election.
We helo pilots are all a bunch of right wing wackjobs, aren't we?!

Scoon said...

He's a punk for saying he'll thank his competitor at the end of the race?

Riiight. Just how free healthcare makes England/France/Australia etc dirty communist countries.

Scoon said...

Watching the live news feed from the US, they've commented that when Obama's victory in Ohio was announced, the big screens showing the results were turned off in McCain's campaign 'headquarters'.

I couldn't believe that! Withholding the truth from the public - something they'd never dream of doing in Australia.

Greybeard said...

Ya know scoon, I spent a few days in Australia back in '69, and oddly... found MOST people there very nice.

scoon said...

Reviewing my words I can see how they might seem disrespectful.
I've been a little off my feed lately.
No offense intended. Please accept my sincere apology.

Greybeard said...

No big deal.
We all have our bad days.

Scoon said...

Uh huh... interesting. Someone has obviously posted in my name. I hope that's not you greybeard. Pathetic.

Greybeard said...

Still friends, scoon.

nec Timide said...

Scoon, you've been impersonated by someone on the internet? Never heard of that happening before. No wait, yes I have.

If you want to protect your "identity" a little more, you could create a blogger ID (you don't have to have a blog), or an OpenID, for example at MyOpenID.Com.