24 November 2008


I abhor driving in traffic, but Sara Jean has family in Chicago so we used to spend the better part of a day to go there to visit. Shortly after 9-11 we made the trek to stay with one of her loved ones. That was a huge mistake.
Chicago is deep blue... a strong union town.
We were assaulted with BDS from the time we walked in the door. I'm actually quite patient when I have to be, so I absorbed the nearly constant barrage for three days. No amount of reasoning would convince our host that the problems GWB faced were inherited from the Clinton administration...
According to him, ALL the ills the country faced were Bush's fault... less than a year from assuming the office.
I found my limit... it's about three days.
There's a silver lining to every black cloud... I don't feel compelled to drive to Chicago any longer.

So now I have a yardstick to use, provided by my Chicago loved ones...
If all the country's ills are not resolved by October of 2009, that will be because "The One" has failed us, right?
I'll make you a wager now-
Obama's "fixes" for the country will probably make most problems worse. Solutions that do work will take longer than A.D.D. suffering constituents will like.
But it will all be Bush's fault...
For four years.

Who wants to take my money?


Anonymous said...

You fellers are going to have some real troubles.

"The One" will give your country a dose of what we had in the 1970's. Expanded social programmes, free medical care, free universities, (or as much of that stuff as he can) gun control, high interest rates, job losses, farm bankruptcies etc.

The good news: By the next election, your population will be waiting for him with baseball bats.

Unknown said...

Dear Steve,

Let's hope you're right -- about the bats, I mean...


Never travel to Chicago. Period.

CJ said...

Yeah, that's a sucker's bet for sure. They're already making excuses for him...

How does one put a count down clock on a blog? You know, T- 1460 days until freedom?