27 November 2008

Giving Thanks

My belly is distended. Disgusting. I no longer try to kid myself this time of year... I just resign myself to the idea I'll have to suffer some later in order to atone.
For that, I give thanks.

If I hear a strange noise outside my window I can pick up the telephone, hardline or cell, and in a few minutes there'll be someone checking to see if I'm in danger. There's risk involved in that, and there are folks willing to take on that risk.
For that, I give thanks.

Power, water, phone service all work perfectly. If ever they should quit, someone will immediately begin the process of restoring those services. Sometimes there is risk involved there too. Most generally there is discomfort, either weather or just being pulled away unexpectedly from friends and loved ones. But they come, nevertheless.
For that, I give thanks.

If all this eating causes my heart to stop, someone will risk their lives to hurry and load my fat carcass onto a stretcher and race me toward the help I need, again, involving some degree of risk. But someone is willing to take that risk.
For that, I give thanks.

Right now there are brave people halfway around the world being shot at, exposed to explosive devices of all sorts, also physically removed from family and friends. I'm amazed at the number of heroes willing to take on that risk, in spite of so many of our fellow citizens giving aid and comfort to our enemies.
For that, I am overwhelmed.

Heavenly Father, I don't say it often enough-
Thank you for making me one of the richest people on earth.


Andrea Shea King said...

Beautifully said. Amen.

Also, for friends and fellow countrymen like you, I am grateful.


JP said...

Thanks for recognizing all of the folks who keep America running. I did 20 years as a firefighter/EMT and am 8 years into a tour with an electric/gas utility. Really not much difference when things go south and the average folk need help.

Thanks for your service to the country (military and civilian). Enjoy your leftovers in moderation!

I enjoy the blog (long time RSS subscriber...a bit lean on comments).

cj said...

GB -

Amen, my friend. I wouldn't want to think where we'd be without those people... and crazy guys like you willing to take risks to get people to the help they need.


cary said...

Amen, brother!